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Where most companies are in the maturity curve of AI adoption so you can benchmark your own progress
How to adopt AI tools for your talent tech stack, including guides to conversations with your CFO and chief legal officer
Success stories from companies who have adopted these tools

Will AI change recruiting and accelerate the move beyond keyword search, spreadsheets, and siloed data? 

We think the change has already begun, and it’s about to flip. Research has shown nearly three-fourths of HR professionals are already using generative AI in some capacity.

Talent professionals are eager to learn how to balance the efficiencies and speed that AI can bring with the powerful human experience only they can provide. With responsible AI product development alongside the power of the human brain, recruiters can not only unlock their own potential, but the potential of the candidates that they never could have discovered and engaged on their own.

This guide, co-authored by Findem and Grant Weinberg, VP of Talent Acquisition and HR Operations at Eikon Therapeutics, will help you unlock your own potential as a talent leader and grow your career with the help of AI.

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