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Introducing the industry’s first copilot for automated candidate sourcing

Alper Tekin
Chief Product Officer
June 13, 2024

Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing is an AI companion that integrates with your ATS and your careers page to orchestrate all of your talent data and automate the candidate sourcing process.

We’re excited to announce the industry’s first AI companion built specifically for candidate sourcing. Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing cuts sourcing time by days, reduces sourcing costs by consolidating top-of-funnel activities into one platform, and eliminates the complexity of managing thousands of candidates across the siloed data systems and tools of traditional sourcing platforms. 

Copilots are shifting our relationship with software and opening doors to new productivity possibilities. ChatGPT took the world by storm, and now there are entire Reddit threads dedicated to recruiting with LLM prompts, and newsletters like Unraveling AI for improving work with AI. With the launch of Microsoft’s Copilot, an AI productivity companion, people are spending less time on the manual tasks that consumed so much of their workday — brainstorming, proofreading, analysis, reporting, and so much more. 

AI is only as good as the data behind it, meaning success with AI is directly correlated to data quality. We recognize the opportunity to leverage the depth of our Talent Data Cloud, our BI-first approach to data, and our commitment to responsible AI to launch the next evolution of Findem’s platform capabilities.

In this blog, I’ll detail how Copilot works and what makes it different from other options on the market today.

Why Findem’s Copilot, and why now?

Traditional sourcing can be a time-consuming, frustrating process. There are job descriptions to write, hiring manager requests to interpret, applications to review, and talent to find. On top of all that, the data about every open requisition is scattered across tools and in systems that don’t talk to each other.

And that’s all the work to do before talking to the best-matched people for your company.

Copilot for Sourcing project screenshots

Talent teams know they should be looking for candidates in the ATS first. But that’s difficult to do when you can’t search your ATS or the data is out of date. Inbound candidates are your warmest leads, but the volume of applications can be too much to handle for recruiters buried in unread emails and open reqs.

While inbound and outbound are certainly the most active channels, there’s an entire ecosystem of people to discover, nurture, and convert. Your ATS, CRM, alumni, and referral networks are ripe with talent fit for a career at your company, but only discoverable with the right data and in the right platform. 

That’s where Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing comes in.

How does Copilot automate candidate sourcing?

ChatGPT is a large language model (LLM). Gemini is an LLM. Meta Llama is an LLM. Findem’s Copilot is not. Findem’s Copilot is an AI application leveraging this LLM infrastructure designed to save you time and money while reducing the complexity of traditional sourcing.

Copilot sits on top of our powerful workflow engine and enables end-to-end processes to be fully automated. It eliminates the need to express a search or scour your channels for the right talent. Copilot does it for you. All you need to get started is a job description, and Copilot will automatically search all of your hiring channels for the best-matched candidates.

Shortlist results screen from Findem's Copilot for Sourcing

Every profile is enriched with Findem’s 3D data and verified with the most up-to-date career and contact information. Copilot doesn’t just deliver a shortlist of the best candidates, but the confidence that you’ve found every possible match in your ecosystem.

Simply click “Start a project” in the platform and Findem’s Copilot:

  • Turns a posted job description or open requisition in your ATS or your careers page into a precision search
  • Searches global data sources to find the most factual, up-to-date candidate information
  • Sorts and filters enriched profiles across your inbound pipeline, ATS, CRM, internal and external sources
  • Verifies candidate skills, experience, and contact information for unmatched accuracy
  • Returns a list of prospects prioritized by best match and highest interest that you can easily share with hiring managers
  • Continuously sources and updates the talent pipeline until a hire is made

How long does the typical recruiter spend engaged in these mostly manual activities? If they have 40 open requisitions and spend just 2-6 hours doing the tasks above, that is 10 to 30 days saved. That’s more time to build relationships with top candidates, work with hiring managers as a talent advisor, and analyze results to improve your value to the organization.

How is Findem’s Copilot different?

Copilot is purpose-built to save you time and reduce burnout. Recruiters today spend too much time sifting through resumes from unqualified candidates. On average, recruiters need 23 hours to screen resumes for a single hire, only to find that 88% of applicants are unqualified, according to LinkedIn Pulse. Copilot eliminates these inefficiencies by searching across all of your hiring channels for the best-matched talent in a single click.

Shortlist of candidates for Findem's Talent CRM

It prioritizes applicants who have shown interest in your company over those who have no connection to you and delivers a shortlist of the highest-converting candidates. If there’s more people to find, Copilot sorts through the rest of your channels, warmest to coldest, to find the best talent — even in the places you wouldn’t normally think to look.

The ideal use of Findem is as a cross-platform application that integrates with your ATS to orchestrate all of your data. But when we can't integrate with your ATS, we’ve designed Copilot to pull open job postings from your jobs site to launch a project. Whether or not we leverage your internal data, the AI companion can still build searches automatically and surface top talent across your CRM (Findem), opportunities for internal mobility, potential referrals, and even alumni candidates by using Findem's 3D data. 

We’re BI-first, giving you full visibility into external and internal data about every candidate in one platform. Every profile is enriched with 3D data, turning a 4kb resume into 50mb of verified information unavailable anywhere else. Too much data can be overwhelming, so we surface the most relevant highlights about each candidate at the top of each profile — delivering insights you don’t have to infer on your own.

Candidate insights in Findem's Copilot for Sourcing

Our 3D data isn’t just the result of a wide reach; it goes beyond resumes by connecting people and company data over time. That way, you’re finding the best talent for your company, with a newfound understanding of their career journey, impact, and unique attributes.

Automate every talent search with Copilot

The thought of opening a new requisition shouldn’t keep talent teams up at night. But the old hunt-and-peck method of sourcing can, and still does!

With Findem’s Copilot for Sourcing, we’re giving you a faster, easier, more efficient way to source from your entire talent ecosystem. Achieve faster time to slate, build trust with hiring managers, and gain full confidence that you’re finding talent no one else can find.

That way, you can focus on the decisions that matter most, making the experience better for those who matter most — people.

Learn how you can go from an open job to a shortlist of the best-matched prospects across all your hiring channels in a single click with Findem’s Copilot.