Internal Mobility

Build happier, more engaged teams

We help you recruit talent from inside your org to fill open roles - aligning their career goals with your business success.
internal mobility using ai

Internal Mobility before Findem

You need internal mobility more than ever, but don't have the tools to make it happen

Untapped talent

You have incredible, diverse talent inside your own company that is currently untapped.

Poor planning

It’s difficult to build internal talent pipelines and succession plans without clear visibility into your org.

High turnover

Good people are leaving and you don't have the growth paths in place to make them stay.

Internal Mobility with Findem

Close your talent gaps faster and build happier, more engaged teams

1M+ attributes

Get a holistic view of every person based on their attributes - both current and potential.

0% wasted time

Automatically match internal candidates to open roles and source externally to backfill gaps.

360° visibility

See which attributes make superstar employees and how to develop these attributes in others.
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Strategic benefits

Engage and retain the people who are key to your success
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Grow your existing talent
Identify employees whose future development aligns with your strategic priorities. Evaluate a mix of proven performance and future growth potential for open roles.


Plan for the future
Create training paths and leadership development programs to help mold your current workforce into the employees you'll need tomorrow.


Shrink your time to hire
Help managers fill their open positions faster, leveraging the skills of employees already well-versed in your company structure and culture.


Make it fair with bias-free AI
Make career development fair and mitigate bias by increasing visibility into opportunities and uncovering talent matches for open roles with AI designed for good.


Hold onto top talent
Showcase easily accessible, exciting options for internal growth that will challenge and motivate your top employees to stick around.

How Findem Works

Merge your company goals with your employees’ goals

Connect all people data

Findem comes pre-integrated with all public people data and a comprehensive map of attributes for every person. You can enrich this data by integrating your internal systems and tools for a holistic people view.

Map internal talent

We surface the capabilities, experience and potential of every internal employee and look for matches to your open roles. This ensures each person is assigned to the right role and helps you to meet the evolving needs of your business from within your existing workforce.
Findem collates profiles from all data

Train and grow your people

We show you your internal talent pool in a completely new way. You can see every person based on their attributes, meaning you can identify what makes your superstars super and develop training and growth plans to bring everyone else up to their level. The result is a more engaged, motivated workforce with clear development goals and career paths.
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