Affinity lowers recruiting costs and improves DEI with Findem

“Findem has been the single best investment that I have made as a talent leader in 4 years. It’s the first tool I’ve used in a long time that has exceeded my expectations.”

Dan Collins
Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Affinity
cost savings through consolidation
of candidates from URGs
multi-channel strategy


  • Improve equity in the workforce with a more balanced candidate slate
  • Increase quality of talent to meet diverse hiring goals
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency with a more robust talent stack


  • High cost of sourcing tools with limited DEI capabilities
  • Measuring ROI with point solutions and LinkedIn Recruiter attribution 
  • Maintaining a high-quality talent pool of interested candidates


  • Findem’s Talent Data Cloud builds precise, high-quality talent pools
  • Tech consolidation reduces time and cost-to-hire with a single view of results
  • Diverse talent pool is automatically generated with insights and analytics

About Affinity 

Affinity is the relationship intelligence platform for sales teams to help them find, manage, and close more deals. With automated insights and technology, Affinity frees leaders from data drudgery so their teams can take action with confidence and context. 

Improving precision and efficiency across talent efforts

Before Findem, Affinity’s recruiting team relied heavily on LinkedIn Recruiter to source talent. But the high cost and lack of targeted sourcing made it challenging to hone in on the right candidates. Relying on skill-based searches to source candidates on LinkedIn would yield a long list of candidate profiles from series A startups to giant enterprises.  

The Affinity team also relied on a varied tech stack and siloed candidate information. Constant context switching between apps and platforms meant an inefficient process and difficulties managing candidate information. Avoiding bias in the hiring process was another significant hurdle, given that their company was 75% men before they began using Findem. 

“Before we found Findem, the only options available to us for building searches were deep and broad. We spent too much time refining keywords and sorting through the talent pool to find what we were really looking for. With Findem, we quickly came to rely on our ability to really hone in on key attributes in all of our searches.”

Findem allowed Dan’s team to consolidate their tech stack, hone in on specific attributes, and completely revamp their sourcing, CRM, and hiring processes. 

Higher talent quality through precision search 

With hyper-focused search capabilities, Findem allows the Affinity team to build robust talent pools in a broad, inclusive way. They’ve experienced a significant increase in candidate quality across the board. 

Instead of sifting through a pool of hundreds of candidates from LinkedIn Recruiter, Findem’s attribute-based search quickly generates talent pools of highly-specific candidates, who are all strong matches for the position. Then the team can easily soften the attributes to introduce more candidates into their pipeline. 

“Findem’s secret sauce is that it helps recruiters stop thinking about skills. The automated search allows us to focus on building relationships. Is a candidate coachable? Are they a self-starter? Do they have domain experience? These attributes are searchable and easily identifiable with Findem.” 

When comparing the cost and ROI of LinkedIn Recruiter vs. Findem over a 12-month period, Findem emerged as a clear winner. 

Reducing the high cost of LinkedIn for higher ROI

Findem’s robust talent acquisition and talent management platform allowed Affinity to reduce their LinkedIn spend by 90% with a total savings of 70% from tech stack consolidation. Findem’s Talent Data Cloud consolidates access to talent acquisition channels, so a single search uncovers internal, external, and past applicant talent. 

“Once we started using Findem, we were able to accurately track our channel ROI and balance our talent acquisition efforts across channels. We are now at 30% referrals, 30% outbound marketing, and then other channels. It’s a perfect balance for us.”

With Findem, the talent team has expanded their capabilities and organized their recruiting, CRM, and analytics in one place. Beyond attribute-based search, Affinity is now building candidate pools, connecting with high-quality applicants, and proactively building relationships so when candidates are ready to transition, Affinity is right there at the top of the list. 

“Findem provides a single pane of glass to search and source from current employees, past applicants, and Findem’s Talent Data Cloud. It’s robust enough to meet our needs, but also incredibly easy to use. In every way possible, this transition has been 100% painless.” 

Findem's comprehensive talent ecosystem optimization solution provides the Affinity team with a streamlined, multi-channel talent acquisition approach to swiftly find and engage candidates and ensure a much more efficient process.

Exceeding DEI goals with Findem

With Findem's Talent Data Cloud, Affinity successfully revolutionized their talent acquisition approach. Leveraging attribute-based searches, they automated diversity in their talent pool and successfully supported their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

Powered by Findem's hyper-focused searches and diversity analytics, Affinity quickly realized their goal of presenting at least one out of three candidates from underrepresented groups. 

“We hit that goal every single quarter we’ve been using Findem. And now our new metric is 40%, which we’re already hitting this quarter. We couldn’t do that without Findem.” 

Going forward, the Affinity team aims to continue their transformative shift toward greater diversity and inclusion through intentional talent acquisition, relationship building, and analytics with Findem. 

Developing talent communities for right-time recruiting

Affinity’s mission has now expanded from using Findem as a sourcing tool to a full end-to-end talent acquisition and talent management platform. Findem allows them to identify A+ candidates and build relationships with them over time so they can bring on the right talent at the right time. 

Dan calls it a “paradigm shift” in their approach. Findem’s powerful multi-channel talent acquisition, CRM functionality, and talent analytics allow them to effectively nurture candidates and offer a seamless candidate experience.

“Talent pools involve planting seeds and harvesting fruit in the future. With Findem, we’re able to fully leverage our data, track the quality of our talent pools, and nurture attractive candidates at every step of the way.”

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