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Talent Leader’s Guide to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

The challenges associated with traditional methods of sourcing candidates
What the latest advancements in automation, AI and attribute-based searching are
How these advancements can help your talent team find and hire the highest-quality, most diverse candidates in the fastest possible time

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The meaning of DEIB and why it matters
Challenges talent teams face today
How to bring DEIB to the forefront of your organization

We surveyed 100 talent leaders, and 57% said that finding diverse candidates was their number one concern. Almost 60% consider DEI the top trend shaping the industry. 

Diversity recruiting is just the first step in building a more resilient, innovative workforce. To keep people who represent different life experiences, you need to ensure they feel accepted and valued in the workplace. We asked our customers and the recruiting experts on our team for advice.

Learn how to recruit and retain amazing hires with this Talent Leader’s Guide to DEIB. 

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