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How to Find and Hire Superstar Talent

The challenges associated with traditional methods of sourcing candidates
What the latest advancements in automation, AI and attribute-based searching are
How these advancements can help your talent team find and hire the highest-quality, most diverse candidates in the fastest possible time

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The challenge to sourcing high performers by resumes alone
How to define a ‘superstar’ candidate for your business
What you need to source for tangible and intangible attributes

Advancing from the mailroom to the boardroom isn’t just a movie plot. Real people like Ginny Rometty (IBM), George Hu (Salesforce), and Abigail Johnson (Fidelity Investments) all started in entry-level roles and worked their way to the C-suite. How do you find these superstar talents?

In addition to sourcing for relevant education, skills, and training, you need to consider intangible qualities such as determination, creativity, and perseverance. Regardless of rank or role in a company, superstars have these types qualities and you need more than a resume search to find them. Download this report to find out who to find and hire for experience and attitude.

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