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Advancing from the mailroom to the boardroom isn’t just a movie plot. Real people like Ginny Rometty (IBM), George Hu (Salesforce), and Abigail Johnson (Fidelity Investments) all started in the mailroom or similar entry-level roles and worked their way to the C-suite. How? By tapping into intangible qualities like determination, creativity, and perseverance to complement their education, skills, and training, and to propel their career advancement. Regardless of their rank or role in a company, superstars are often defined by qualities such as these – qualities you would never be able to identify from resumes alone. Talent teams know that, for most roles, attitude and experience is everything.

After reading this guide, you will have a good understanding of:

  • The challenges associated with sourcing candidates based on resumes alone
  • How to distinguish ‘superstar’ candidates
  • How to find the candidates your business needs to succeed based on their tangible and intangible attributes

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