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The Talent 411 with Chris Galy: A little less conversation, a little more AI action

Chris Galy
Findem Chief Evangelist
September 19, 2023

When it comes to advertising, we know what sells…and no, I’m not talking about that even though I threw a reference to Elvis and Las Vegas into the title. What sells is continuous talk about transformation and evolution. Large consultancies have a constant drumbeat going to generate interest, to educate and yes, to sell stuff. 

Yet, for the vast majority of HR practitioners, transformation seems like something meant for the Fortune 100. Most of our realities are that of budget constraints and scrappiness, taking the insights from the budget rich and doing the best we can to implement down-sized versions. 

But with the arrival of GenAI, the little guys and gals can compete head on with the industry gorillas. GenAI is leveling the playing field and it’s time for action! 

Speaking of action and Elvis, I’m heading to the desert next month for HR Tech and I hope to see you there! See more details at the bottom of this blog post.

Reignite your TA team for an AI and GenAI future

What actions you take will depend on what problems you seek to solve, but it’s easy to get started. One quick way is by using free versions of ChatGPT, Bard, or any other generative AI; it’s really quite powerful and easy. Try your hand at job descriptions, drafting emails, career development advice, or talent search. 

That is a great way to start, but don’t stop there. AI is an opportunity to reignite your talent acquisition team after some pretty tumultuous years. That was the topic of my conversation with Traci Wicks, SVP of Talent & HR Consulting at Discover Financial Services in our recent HR.Com webinar.

We started with the 5 questions you need to ask as a talent leader to embrace the future (thanks to Paul Baier), then covered what AI can (and cannot) do for TA, and then finished with what AI-first transformation looks like. The audience really lit up when we did the deep dive into people management implications, and ways to reignite your TA team around AI.

Thanks to for putting on such a terrific event and inviting us to join. If you missed it, catch the replay here.

Cool news

It’s fun to be with a company on the move. Findem was recognized as a Cool Vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Talent Acquisition for Driving Speed and Quality in Hiring report.

Findem employees celebrating the cool news with virtual sunglasses!

Getting deep into 3D data

Findem has a few new resources out for those of you who want to dive deep into what kind of data you need to drive responsible AI in the people space. 

You might be feeling a little bit of pressure right now to make decisions about GenAI - from whether to use it to how to control it. At the same time, the business (and career) opportunities are coming fast. Findem’s new guide on Generative AI, Data, and the Future of Talent gets you ready for the future.

In their new blog, Findem Co-founder and CTO Raghu Venkat and Alper Tekin, Chief Product Officer, lay the foundation for an AI-first transformation of talent with multidimensional data. Yep, that’s a lot of conversation. The action is amazing though. 

Findem’s concept of 3D data combines person and company data over time. It lets you visualize the talent you have, the talent in the market, and the talent your competitors are going after. Sound interesting?

What is 3D data?

Giving hiring managers what they want

Speaking of action, Travis Baker, VP of TA, and Gina Blair, talent lead at Boulevard have changed the way they work with hiring managers, and they’ll share the details at our next Findem Live. 

Boulevard, a client experience platform for appointment-based businesses like salons, and spas, used Findem’s Talent Data Cloud to create a collaborative candidate review process between its recruiters and hiring managers. See how you can optimize your recruiting workflows to focus everyone’s time on engaging with the right talent.

See this talent team in action

A little more action 

Now for the real question…what does YOUR 3D data profile look like? 

According to Findem, I’m a long-tenured employee, past founder, US veteran and Chief People Officer in both private and public companies. It didn’t pick up that I can still throw a 66 mph fastball but that info doesn’t exist anywhere except the radar gun at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk anyway. Swing by the Findem booth at HR Tech to say hi and find your attribute. 

If you have a trend or specific topic worth discussing in an upcoming webinar or sharing of any kind, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Godspeed, happy September, and always be recruiting!

- CG