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The Findem 411 with Chris Galy: New beginnings

Chris Galy
Findem Chief Evangelist
June 7, 2023

Summertime is finally here! Yet, this is no time to “sit back and unwind,” is it? As much as I’m looking forward to playing in my annual Tahoe golf tournament, celebrating the plethora of June birthdays in my family, seeing my graduating Cal Poly Mustang off to a year in Spain, and spending time with my parents in da Big Easy, I remain intrigued, excited, and after a couple glasses of vino — a tad anxious about what’s ahead for our profession. 

As if a pandemic, war, social unrest, workforce evolutions, mass layoffs, mental health issues, and immense societal change aren’t enough to worry about, artificial intelligence (AI) is stirring things up even more!

All that said, it’s not the destination as they say (whomever “they” are), it’s the journey, right? Well, the only way we are all going to make it to the other side of the rainbow with any brain matter left is to go with friends. So, here’s a few friendly resources on today’s hot topics that our friends at Findem are offering in June. See y’all there (unless of course I’m on the golf course, a birthday party, or at Galatoire’s on Bourbon Street).

Learning and debating about AI in HR

If you read the press or tune into blogs about the impact AI will make in HR, you can get overwhelmed pretty fast. These very high level predictions leave me wondering where and how AI is being used today. I’m looking for some level of specificity.

If you want to understand where the AI rubber is meeting the talent acquisition highway, we have just the webinar for you. 

Join us on June 15 for a conversation with Findem Co-founder Hari Kolam, Glider Co-Founder Satish Kumar, and Amplitude Head of Talent Acquisition Phil Haynes for a deeper discussion on AI in recruiting.  

Register: AI in the Recruiting Tech Stack: the Good and the Bad

Measuring ROI and outcomes

The war for talent made an easy case for additional resources, tools, and investment in TA. We should now ask ourselves if we realized the value of those investments. If you aren’t already doing so, our friends in Finance will be knocking at your door. You’re going to need a clear path to higher efficiency, so you better prepare for what comes next. 

The vast majority of HR and TA leaders I talk to are being asked to do with less (time, people, or resources) without much reprieve on the “do more” part. If you’re sitting back, waiting for things to get back to where they were, I’m sorry to inform you that they won’t, so act now. 

Where can you get ahead of the next uptick? Where can you reposition or re-evaluate current assumptions? What would you do differently in hindsight? If you aren’t thinking about how you could be better, leaner, and stronger coming out of this downturn, you are missing a grand opportunity. 

Did I get your attention? If so, it would be wise to join Findem Talent Solutions leader Rick Savage and Head of Talent Operations at X Phil Gilsenan for a discussion on ROI in TA.

Register: Maximize the ROI of Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Findem Live: How Eikon Therapeutics uses Findem

Show-and-tell sessions are great ways of sharing learnings, gaining insight into best practices, and teaching for impact. While most webinars focus on the "telling," we plan to tip the scales to the showing side — LIVE! 

What is the show about you ask? It will be an interactive, 30-minute live solution demonstration with Grant Weinberg and Tori Madonick, innovative talent leaders at Eikon Therapeutics, a Findem customer. 

Eikon is leveraging Findem’s “Magic” — attribute-based skills and experience profiles — to create a skills-based talent strategy. Attribute-based search is a core differentiator of Findem’s Talent Data Cloud. Grant and Tori will show you how Eikon uses attributes to improve quality of hire, boost team productivity, and increase reach to talent previously lost in the big black ATS abyss. 

Join us for this rapid and engaging live demonstration.

Register: Findem Live

Beating the June gloom

Whatever your plans are in June, work well, play well, and travel well. Hopefully you’ll take some time to join us for a leg or two of this crazy journey we are taking together. 

Let’s all stay ahead of the steep climbs and tricky curves in the road ahead. If you have a trend worth discussing or have a specific topic worth discussing in an upcoming webinar or sharing of any kind, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at 

Godspeed, happy June and always be recruiting!

- CG