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It’s time to hire moms

Karen Henke
Editor of the Shortlist
May 5, 2022

If workforce diversity is your goal, you can’t overlook the “mom factor”. Women who are moms bring a unique set of skills that should be prized and sought after by hiring managers everywhere. According to research by The Mom Project, moms in the workforce lead to 40% greater retention, 12% higher productivity, and a more positive workplace experience for 23% of employees. 

And in this tight job market, overlooking moms means missing out on relevant, productive talent. By age 44, 86% of women in the US become mothers and 67% of millennial moms are multicultural. Our Recruiting Trends Report found that 57% of talent leaders prioritize finding diverse candidates

How do you find talent that’s not looking for you? That’s the challenge with many Moms because they don’t have time to curate their online profiles or look for jobs. They’re busy getting things done!

Found’em with Findem

We don’t just talk about diversity and hiring women at Findem, we use our platform to make it happen. One of our newest team members at Findem who is absolutely crushing her numbers was “found” using Findem. 

We ran a search for BDR experience plus these attributes:

  • SaaS experience
  • Startup experience
  • Quota achiever

Valerie Amprim’s name made it to the top of the list so we sent an email from our CEO to her. 

Where were you when Findem reached out?

I was what you would call "happily employed" by a mid stage start-up. I was not actively looking for another company; my LinkedIn profile was not "open to work". Recruiters were not reaching out to me or dangling any offers my way, nor was I looking to specifically attract a new job.  

What was your mindset? 

Comfort with my company had set in. I have a toddler and we had recently moved to Florida. When the pandemic hit, we lost our childcare and without family nearby, my husband and I balanced full time work with full time childcare between us. 

Sure, I had growth on my mind, but I had grown stagnant in my role. I didn’t have time to job hunt or even update my LinkedIn profile! 

Why did you respond to Findem’s outreach? 

Hari, the CEO of Findem, reached out to me via my personal email to ask whether I was interested in a BDR position. He told me a little bit about Findem and it seemed like a great opportunity. Even though they are located in California and I’m in Florida, the position was completely remote. That works for me and my family!

What appealed to you about Findem?

I, of course, did my due diligence and researched Findem. I liked that they are a SaaS product, and the platform is backed by artificial intelligence. Their benefits and training worked for me. Talent acquisition was a space that was so completely different from where I was, yet so in-demand. 

You quickly ramped up and crushed your targets! How has the transition been?

I was the only BDR for the first month and just stayed focused on what I needed to get done. I enjoy reaching out to people and talking to them about a company I believe in. Talent acquisition is at the forefront of every company's needs, and the challenges continue to grow as they scale. To work for a company that has completely overhauled the hiring landscape and offers the most cutting edge tools to facilitate the talent acquisition process is terribly rewarding.

Making a Difference by Hiring Moms

If you’re looking to expand the diversity of your workforce, don’t overlook moms. Findem’s attribute-based sourcing and workforce analytics can help you find women who have the skills and experience you need but may not have it on their resume or the most up-to-date LinkedIn Profile. You can even source for innovation and passion.

One more thought. Despite all the gains we’ve made in understanding the value of women and moms in the workforce, the pay gap is a stark reminder that we haven’t solved the problem yet. The gender pay gap is narrowing, but “the motherhood penalty” still strikes. For every $1 a father makes, a mother makes $0.74. And many women are the sole wage earners in their households. 

What does that mean for talent teams? Don’t underbid the moms you hire, pay them what they’re worth and they will deliver value. They don’t have time to mess around!