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How to increase the visibility of your HR & talent initiatives

Liv Anderman
VP of Marketing
January 12, 2021

Even though people are the most important asset of most company’s today, the people team is often seen as a cost center rather than a business driver. To increase awareness of your HR and talent initiatives, you need to communicate about them in a way that shows their value to the business. This blog covers the top ways to make sure your success is seen, heard, and understood. Tips on efficiency in the hiring and recruiting process has more great ideas for how to make it part of your process.

Here’s an overview of how you can improve visibility at your company and increase support for your future HR and Talent initiatives:

Above all, you need to focus on internal marketing

Internal marketing means showcasing the work you’ve done to people within your organization. While it’s not typically in the job description, this is definitely a part of your job in HR. Creating visibility for the work that you’re doing is essential for continued funding, growth, and expansion of your team’s work.

The goal is to improve employee engagement with your department, increase HR’s footprint in your company, and ensure that your fellow employees, leaders, and executives are aware of the work that you’re doing.

Monthly reports

One method you can use is to send out a monthly summary/report to the company. The report can focus on the work that your team has been doing and the impact that it’s had on the organization.

Part of this is simply sharing the work that you’re doing, but it’s also a great way to showcase the company’s employees and their personal experiences with your work. If your onboarding system led to an employee quickly integrating and being productive, why not share that with the company? This give people a window into the impact that HR and Talent initiatives can have on the company’s performance.

All-hands meetings

Another great opportunity to spread awareness of your team’s work is at an all-hands meeting. These are a fantastic opportunity to communicate with your whole organization in a personal, impactful way. If you don’t typically speak at these, consider contacting the next meeting’s organizer and making sure you’re included in the schedule for the next one.


As a by-product of increasing your internal marketing efforts, more people will be aware of the work you’re doing and will champion your efforts throughout the company.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool. So the more people in your company that understand the value of your HR and Talent initiatives, the better. Because you never know when they’ll take the time to share your work with someone else.

This has a rippling effect throughout your whole organization that shines a positive light on what you’re doing in your department. And not only that, it’s a great feeling to see a manager or team leader standing up and praising the work of your team.

Increasing visibility takes time

While increasing visibility is super important, be aware that it takes time to build – especially if you work for a large corporation. However, taking steps to be deliberate with your efforts and take advantage of all the opportunities you have to spread the word will undoubtedly benefit your team in the long run.

Then when you seek funding for your next HR/Talent initiative, those key decision makers will be much more inclined to approve it for you.

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