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World, Ask Findem

Hari Kolam
Co-founder, CEO
July 19, 2023

Generative AI comes to Findem’s Talent Data Cloud

We’re proud to announce that generative AI has come to Findem’s Talent Data Cloud. 

The arrival of generative AI may be the biggest disruption to business since the internet. AI assistants make access to massive data insights as simple as asking a question. That will fundamentally change the way we work and the jobs we do.

Raghu and I founded Findem in 2019 to bring deep learning and big data to one of the most challenging parts of running a business: people decisions. Because we have a unique approach to data, companies have been able to find talent no one else can find, speed hiring, and meet or exceed their DEI goals. With AI assistants embedded throughout the Talent Data Cloud, you can now ask Findem questions that no one else can answer. 

We see the opportunity now more than ever to use AI to drive efficiency and productivity so that companies can become more strategic and innovative in how they build their workforce. In this blog post, we share our insights and what’s coming in Findem’s Talent Data Cloud.

Why we need talent intelligence

Every day, leaders decide who to promote, who to hire, who to grow, and who to separate with. These decisions directly impact an organization’s ability to deliver products, solve customer problems, make sales, and realize value for shareholders and investors. 

We knew that automating the highly manual workflows of talent teams could improve the speed and accuracy of their work. We also understood that talent intelligence could add a layer of precision, objectivity and efficiency to many of these talent decisions. At the same time, these very personal decisions and activities will never be entirely data-based, they should always have a “human in the loop.” 

In fact, working with some of the most innovative talent leaders in business today, we have come to deeply value their role in highly successful companies. The best talent teams identify, persuade, and support the individual people who become high performing teams. Talent acquisition and talent management with a high degree of talent intelligence results in the right hires, growth opportunities, and career advancement at the right time.

Welcome to the AI boom

When OpenAI released Chat GPT in November 2022, it awakened the world to the power of AI. How compelling and entertaining it was to type questions and requests into the blank box and see results in seconds. But then what?

Findem is using AI to deeply transform workflows across the talent lifecycle and we carefully considered where to add AI assistants to our platform. Our goal is to make it easy for people who make talent decisions to simply ask their question and have confidence that the answer will be comprehensive and true.

Help me write an email campaign

The first (and most obvious) enhancement is to simplify the task of writing emails for outreach. Now, you can ask Findem to help you write an outreach email to your shortlist. You can set the tone, lengthen, or shorten the emails, even specify the type of email in a sequence - a cold outreach, a follow up email, etc.

We wrote about ChatGPT enabled emails a few months ago. While help with emails is a time saver, many companies are doing this. In fact, your team might be doing this using ChatGPT, Bard, or BingChat already. So what’s different about Findem? It’s the 3D data. Here’s what Tey Scott, senior vice president of global talent acquisition at our customer Medallia had to say: 

“When we first started using Findem we experienced a clear advantage in our talent sourcing efforts with the enriched profiles available in Findem’s Talent Data Cloud.

“Now, I’m even more excited. Their new Generative AI capabilities make it simple to ask Findem questions like ‘What is the availability of talent with these skills in this location? Which schools produce the most skills most relevant to this role? Who builds diverse teams?' And 'add actionable insights to our recruiter scorecards.’ 

“These are the kinds of questions our business leaders need to answer to drive our business forward and Findem has the data.”

Let’s start a search with AI assistant

How can you be sure that your team is spending their time reaching out to people who truly fit the role and are likely to respond? If you send 100s of emails to the wrong people, will anyone reply? 

Findem search has been helping our customers build pipelines, increase response rates, and send 1:1 campaigns to hire faster for several years. With our AI assistant, you can now start your search with a question.

“Hey Findem, show me all the Python developers in the Bay Area with any B2B startup experience”

“Hey Findem, who are the VPs of Engineering who are currently at a public company and have early stage startup experience in USA?”

Now, you’ve got a list of prospects with the particular skills you’ve requested. Let’s dive into the results.

Ask Findem anything about a candidate

Findem profiles are not just public data with filters added to them. They are a 3 dimensional view of people and company data related to a person’s experience over time. It’s the difference between keywords and attributes. It’s the difference between they said they worked at a startup and worked at Snowflake when it was a startup. 

Every other company in the talent space is leveraging one dimensional data from resumes and profiles. Findem creates new, unmatched talent intelligence called attributes. The result is deeply enriched profiles of people that you can now access with simple questions.

Click on a compelling profile and just ask Findem to summarize the highlights based on your search. Instead of a long list of accomplishments, you learn why this person’s profile matched your search:

“Hey Findem, what stands out about this person for this role?”

The recruiter doing the search is usually not in the position to make the hire. So we made it easy for you to pitch this top candidate to a hiring manager.

“Can you summarize this for a hiring manager who values team players?”

Hopefully, these examples get your creative gears rolling and you’re thinking of questions you would like your team to ask Findem. But here’s an even more important question:

If recruiters no longer spend hours writing job descriptions, experimenting with Boolean strings, and validating search results candidate by candidate, then how will they spend their day? 

That’s where innovation begins and what really excites us about the future of generative AI across the whole talent lifecycle. With a capable AI assistant, talent teams will have more time to proactively build pipelines, close candidates and cultivate a more engaged workforce. Talent leaders will have deeper insight into what’s working and what’s not in their talent ecosystem.

Getting creative with generative AI

The Findem AI assistant is not just for recruiters and sourcers. Findem’s Talent Data Cloud goes well beyond sourcing and outreach. Findem is a talent management platform with unmatched talent intelligence. With AI assistants built into Findem dashboards, anyone can ask for help understanding what the talent analytics mean.

Let’s take a look:

When we showed our new AI assistants to Brad Cook, VP of global talent acquisition at Intuitive Surgical, this was his response:

“Findem’s approach to generative AI is the most forward-looking that I’ve seen. They’ve actually embedded real-world talent acquisition requirements into the platform and leveraged generative AI into the workflow, whereas others have made it a mere bolt-on. 

“These new AI capabilities are going to allow us to speed up our workflows, cut the time we’ve been spending on manual tasks and open up space for us to innovate across talent acquisition and management in ways that will set us far apart from the competition. It’s a monumental move in transforming the talent tech stack as we know it today.”

And we’re just getting started

Ask Findem will be incorporated into workflows across the talent lifecycle, making it easy to access the Talent Data Cloud. We see a near future where anytime a person involved in people decisions needs help, an AI assistant is there to answer questions like:

  • What insights do you have to inform my 2 year workforce plan?
  • Who should I nurture for this role and how should I nurture them?
  • How do we compare to the competition when it comes to diversity?
  • Where do I need to improve retention? What are the top ways to do this?

At Findem, we are committed to the responsible and ethical use of AI to assist talent decision makers in making faster, better, and more fair decisions with data. Our mission is to put people first and enable them to make the most informed decisions by foregrounding the EQ, the human quotient, with these technological advancements.

Generative AI and the power of the Talent Data Cloud

Gen AI is disrupting talent acquisition and talent management at all levels – from how candidates apply for jobs, to how we find and recruit them, and to the very nature of the work the talent team does and how it is measured. 

But that’s another story, and a longer blog. Today, we hope you will join us on the next step in our journey. Ready to see our AI assistant in action?

Check out a special edition of Findem Live or join the waitlist and be among the first to ask Findem for insights.