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Trillions of data points. Unrivaled talent intelligence.

Give your team attribute-powered intelligence and AI
for smarter, faster, more efficient talent acquisition and management

A radical new approach to talent

Define people with attributes, not resumes

Resumes have never been a great way to know talent. So we created a better one. We ingest trillions of data points — including company growth and code contributions — from hundreds of thousands of sources to create multidimensional details about a person's professional experience and skills we call attributes.

Automate confidently with AI driven by better data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is only as good as its data sources, which is why we can do more with AI for talent teams. Our platform turns data into actionable information that you can reliably automate. Generate personalized candidate outreach, automatically identify the best matches, and shortlist hundreds of candidates with one click.

Find exactly the right talent with precision search

Search how you think with attribute-based searches. AI eliminates the need to sift through outdated resumes, research candidates, and spend time on fact-finding conversations. Customize attributes based on your unique business or industry needs to find the perfect match for any job description.

The Findem Difference

Findem’s Talent Data Cloud is built upon the most advanced talent data. It learns as fast as the market moves to deliver unmatched talent intelligence to your entire team.
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Most advanced people data lake

We ingest and contextualize millions of data points from over 100,000 external sources and your ATS to help you understand more than anyone else about every individual, your employees, and the labor market.

Business intelligence built for talent

We surface all your talent data in one place, with dashboards that deliver a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of your workforce, your competition, and the market as a whole.

Seamless data-driven workflows 

We consolidate disparate data and integrate talent applications in the Findem platform for streamlined workflows that improve efficiency while delivering a more strategic and precise approach to talent.

Why choose Findem?

With Findem’s Talent Data Cloud, you get better talent outcomes, reduce hiring costs, and make smarter use of your team's time.

Better data

Get instant access to the most up-to-date talent data at every stage of the talent lifecycle. We combine and enrich time ordered people and company data to create new talent data we call attributes for every individual, team, and company that up-levels everything you do.

Better performance

AI constantly crawls, ingests, and contextualizes millions of data points to streamline how you find and manage talent. Automated workflows make every program more effective and increase team productivity for better results in less time.

Better value

Accelerate work across your entire talent team and improve the results while reducing the number of tools needed. Lower your total cost of operations with one AI-powered solution driven by the most advanced talent intelligence.
“Findem is one of the best platforms I’ve seen to source at scale. Whether you are a startup hiring a small number of people with highly specific backgrounds or a large enterprise searching for 3000 roles, Findem does the work for you.”
Alvin Lam
Senior Vice President of Talent

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