Findem vs Agencies vs RPOs: Unlock your sourcing resources

Still waiting for staffing agencies and RPOs to deliver? Findem matches or beats the quality of agency and RPO candidates, at a fraction of the time and cost.

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Why are people switching from
agencies and RPOs to Findem?

Guaranteed top quality hires
Findem AI works 24/7, analyzing 100,000 data sources to find perfectly matched talent, who our experts screen for fit.
Complete control
Interview and nurture the best candidates we can find. You have complete flexibility to use Findem for the roles you need to fill now.
Zero change management
We're the sourcing experts, so you don't have to be. You get the power of AI-based recruiting with real people to deliver outcomes.

But we already have an agency…

How long have you waited for quality candidates from your agency? Our team of sourcing experts bring market experience powered by the Findem platform to match your world-class, hard-to-find, must-have wish list to real people. We source to hire and guarantee outcomes for every role.
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I have headcount for sourcers

Whether you have open headcount, no headcount, or sourcers with too many reqs, Findem relieves the stress. Pay by the hire and we’ll staff up so you don’t have to. That means you can easily scale up or scale down, depending on this quarter’s situation, without a management burden.
How we source

What do hiring managers think?

They like the results! Some customers have us work directly with hiring managers to deliver screened candidates to their inbox. We align with your talent team in weekly meetings to review activities and outcomes to make sure we deliver exactly what you need.
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What’s in it for leadership?

The Findem platform is much more than automated sourcing. You have access to analytics, dashboards, and benchmarking.
  • Full visibility into weekly recruiting activities and funnel metrics
  • Market mapping to find talent hot spots
  • Advanced analytics to move the needle on DEI initiatives
  • Benchmark against competitors or best-in-class companies
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How do I start?

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