Attribute vs keyword vs Boolean sourcing

Are keyword searches and Boolean strings your only sourcing option? Find every potential candidate for consideration and make amazing hires.

Why are people switching from keyword search to attribute sourcing?


Search the other 92%

Only 8% of profiles have the right keywords to match a typical job search. Find talent that others miss.

Enriched profiles

Look beyond any single platform’s profile. See a more complete, enriched view of a person’s skills and experience before you reach out.

Reduce time-to-hire

More candidates, higher response rates, plus just what your hiring manager wanted? It all adds up to much more efficient recruiting.

The difference between attributes and keywords

Searching with Findem is like running a Google search for people. Anything you can say about a person, you can find with an attribute search. Only Findem aggregates and triangulates 100,000 data sources to form a complete picture of a candidate. Attributes might include: ‘open source contributor’, ‘past founder’, ‘recently graduated’, ‘has a PhD’ or ‘builds diverse teams’. You can also search for ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, ‘embodies the company values’ or is a ‘go-getter’.

What about my Boolean strings?

Bring them to Findem! Use Boolean operators to start your search. Then optimize the size of your talent pool based on where talent is located, company lists, years of experience, and much, much more. Add Findem Magic such as ‘sales awards winner’ or ‘past company growth rate’ to uncover hidden pools of talent. Search by intent, not keyword to find people who are a precise match.

What are the most popular attributes?

Findem holds the largest library of indexed people attributes. One of our most popular terms is “SaaS” experience. Add ‘saw a company through IPO’, and you’ll find candidates who are most relevant to your company. Findem allows you to shortlist hundreds of candidates for outreach at a moment’s notice.

Still prefer a keyword match?

With Findem you can search for VP of marketing at a fast-growing startup who saw a startup through a Series C, and started their career at Google. Get ready to shortlist top talent with exactly what you’re looking for. Run the same search through a keyword matching tool and you’ll have to remove:
  • the VP of a 2-person company
  • the marketing manager at a small non-profit
  • the BDR who joined after Series C
  • the intern who lists Google as a client
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"Findem’s search algorithm and detailed filtering yields high-quality, relevant matches that are far superior to anything else I’ve seen."
Michael Chong
Manager of Talent Acquisition

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