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10 Best Recruiting Tools Every Talent Team Needs

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Although there’s no shortage of recruiting technology, not every tool will be a home run. Inefficient recruitment software creates more problems than it solves, frustrating your candidates and the entire talent team.

Below is our selection of the 10 best recruiting tools you should consider implementing in your workflow to expedite hiring, improve the candidate experience, and make the best hiring decisions.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

An ATS is a comprehensive recruiting tool used by almost 99% of the Fortune 500. It automates many recruiting tasks, from collecting resumes to the onboarding process. 

ATS software is also known for its ability to scan resumes for specific keywords. This is a helpful functionality, although keyword matching will fail to identify top talent who don’t mention the right keywords in their resumes.

Tool to consider: Zoho Recruit

Top features:

  • Includes a custom career page and allows you to share your job posting to over 75 job boards
  • Allows you to efficiently organize and screen candidates from one platform
  • Enables you to create custom workflows to automatically move applicants through your pipeline

User reviews:

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

A talent or recruitment CRM is a software tool that brings together all of your candidate data, including previous communications, into a single platform. With a CRM, you can stay in touch with all of your candidates and build an engaged talent pool for more efficient hiring.

Some ATS platforms include a CRM, but you may also opt for another CRM, especially if it has more robust features, such as the ability to aggregate applicant data from multiple sources. To unify your candidate data, integrate your CRM with your ATS.

Tool to consider: Findem Talent CRM

Top features:

  • Allows you to nurture talent with personalized email sequences.
  • Includes a feature that segments talent into communities based on their job title, unique attributes, seniority, etc.
  • Enables you to enrich candidate profiles with external data from over 100,000 sources such as GitHub, Research Gate, and public company information

User reviews:

Talent intelligence platform

A talent intelligence platform provides you with candidate insights retrieved from external data sources. These insights supplement the information in a candidate’s resume to create the most comprehensive overview, allowing you to find the person who has the exact skill set, experience, and qualities you need for the role.

A platform with such robust candidate insights enables you to circumvent the limitations of the keyword-matching feature in your ATS. For example, you can look for a candidate with the following attributes: “B2B SaaS experience” and “one of the first 50 hires at a previous company.” Using external data, the platform will identify candidates who match these exact criteria, even if they didn’t mention it in their resume.

Tool to consider: Findem talent intelligence platform

Top features:

  • Provides over 750 million enriched talent profiles to use for sourcing candidates
  • Includes over one million candidate attributes to help recruiting teams rapidly surface the right people for the job

Improves your diversity strategy with visibility into your talent pool so you can present a balanced slate of highly qualified candidates to hiring managers.

User reviews:

Augmented writing tools

Your job description is a key aspect of your active recruiting strategy. If it uses inclusive language, you will lower the risk of repelling qualified candidates who don’t respond to phrases you might be using to describe the ideal applicant, such as “rockstar” or “perfectionist.” 

Augmented writing tools help you easily craft inclusive job postings by analyzing the language used and providing suggestions to broaden their appeal.

Tool to consider: Textio

Top features:

  • Detects social bias across job descriptions, email campaigns, and social copy
  • Provides language insights to help you understand the impact that different phrases have on applicants
  • Integrates with various ATS platforms and email providers to keep your workflow simple

User reviews:

Candidate assessment tools

From soft skills to role-specific requirements, talent assessment helps you make the right hire, reduce turnover, and discover leaders. Talent assessment tools enable you to screen applicants at scale using a library of customizable tests or by creating your own assessments.

Tool to consider: TestGorilla

Top features:

  • Provides tests ranging from role-specific skills (coding, customer service) to cognitive ability (reading comprehension, math)
  • Allows candidates to access tests on desktop and mobile and supports video responses
  • Integrates with your ATS, so you can send test invites from one platform

User reviews:

Social media management platform

A social media presence is important for recruiting both active and passive candidates. Almost 40% of workers use social media to find job openings, but social media also allows you to strengthen your employer brand beyond advertising open roles. Scheduling and tracking all of your posts is easier with a social media management platform. 

Tool to consider: Publer

Top features:

  • Integrates with Canva to reduce the time-consuming process of toggling between different design tools
  • Allows you to bulk schedule up to 500 posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms
  • Includes an AI assistant that generates social media copy with the ability to tailor it to the language of different social media networks

User reviews:

Conversational artificial intelligence (AI)

Conversational AI (often referred to as chatbots) automates many parts of the recruiting process, including answering FAQs and scheduling interviews. The chatbots are available 24/7, informing and guiding job seekers through the application process. For the 6 in 10 workers who interacted with a chatbot during the talent acquisition process, the technology had a positive impact on their experience.

Tool to consider: Paradox

Top features:

  • Creates a conversational hiring process, from inquiring about open roles to submitting an application
  • Allows potential candidates to communicate with the chatbot in over 100 languages
  • Works on WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and other text messaging platforms

User reviews:

Asynchronous video interviewing software

One-way video interviewing is a great method to get to know your applicants without the hassle of scheduling. The hiring manager and the rest of the hiring team can later review the answers and provide candidate feedback for a more collaborative recruiting process. Async interviews also foster equity by guaranteeing that every candidate has the opportunity to answer the same questions.

Tool to consider: Spark Hire

Top features:

  • Supports one-way and live video interviews directly from the web browser 
  • Allows team members to leave ratings and comments on individual interviews
  • Integrates with, Google, Office365, iCloud, and Exchange for easy scheduling

User reviews:

Project management solution

Implementing a project management solution is one of the key steps to becoming a more efficient talent team. Although this isn’t a recruiting tool per se, it helps your team keep track of important recruiting-related tasks, progress, and deadlines. 

Additionally, it provides an overview of all crucial information and processes, preventing organizational silos from creating delays or team members leaving important tasks on the back burner.

Tool to consider: Asana

Top features:

  • Includes a list feature that makes it clear who is responsible for what task, their priority order, due dates, etc.
  • Provides a timeline overview of various tasks and projects
  • Saves time on repetitive tasks with automated workflows

User reviews:

Background checks

Background checks are a critical component of the pre-employment screening process, enabling you to verify you’re making the right hire and building a trustworthy team. A background check tool allows you to do so quickly without violating any data protection laws.

Tool to consider: GoodHire

Top features:

  • Features over 100 background checks, including education and employment verification
  • Makes it easy to track all results in a single dashboard
  • Integrates with ATS and HRIS platforms

User reviews:

Boost your recruiting success with technology and best practices

Your recruiting tools are an integral part of the hiring puzzle. But there’s more to it than selecting the right ATS or implementing a chatbot. In our guide to boosting recruiting success, you’ll discover how to define your perfect candidate and where to find the skills and experience that aren’t listed in an applicant’s resume, so you can hire the top talent in your industry before your competitors do.

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