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What are ‘attributes’?
What is People Intelligence?
What data do you collect?
How do you collect your data?
How do you ensure compliance with data privacy laws?
How do you enforce user privacy?
Is candidate data collected by Findem externally searchable?
Is my company’s internal data kept private?
Where is Findem data housed?
Is Findem an extendible data platform?
What geographic locations does Findem cover?
What types of roles does Findem cover?
What integrations does Findem support?
What information does Findem provide about each candidate?
How many profiles do you have access to?
Can I use Findem to source candidates and still use my ATS?
Can I use Findem while getting my ATS up and running?
Can I browse through candidate profiles?
Do candidates know they are being connected with potential employers?
How is Findem priced?
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