“We get far better (and far more) results with Findem than we did with anything else.”

Jean Baptiste
Director of Staffing, Plume
reduction in phone screens
improvement in pipeline quality
1.5 days
saved per recruiter, per week

10x increase in the volume of high-quality candidates

About Plume

Plume is an innovative software company leveraging cloud and AI technologies to drive the next generation of “smart homes.”  The company is currently in high growth mode with doubling revenues and the need to double headcount across the business in the next 12 months. 

Recruiting challenge

80-90% of the candidate pool that came to Plume through traditional methods weren’t worth a phone screen after deeper analysis of their profiles. As a result, the team was spending significant amounts of time sourcing and reviewing candidate profiles without the results to show for all the hard work. 

Recruiting solution

Plume now has a candidate pool packed with at least 10 times the quantity of high-quality candidates who are matched based on their skills and experience. Plus they have the qualitative attributes that would make them a great fit for the company. Plume reports that about 90% of the candidates they get via Findem are people they want to interview.

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