Data security, compliance, and trust

A commitment to security, privacy, and compliance

The protection of your data is central to everything we do. We’ve built our platform with reliability and security at its core to set up your business to thrive.
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A commitment to security, privacy and compliance

Every action we take is designed to minimize data risk, maximize data availability and maintain data integrity.


Compliance is at the heart of what we do. We employ an internal team dedicated to proactively monitoring our data and our research methods align with all relevant data protection laws and best practices.
Data inventory
Campaigns and Personally Identifiable Information
Data subjects/consumers rights


At Findem, the protection and security of our customers’ data is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on upholding the most robust security safeguards and being responsive to our customers’ special security needs.
Organizational Security
Data Security
Application Security
Infrastructure Security
Operational Security


We’re committed to putting data privacy in the hands of its owners. Findem is a matching platform, not a browsing platform. The information we index about an individual will only be accessible when that person’s attributes are a match for a specific role.
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