Data & Diversity: How to use the right data to build a successful DE&I strategy

Webinar Overview

Despite being one of the most discussed topics in business today, the majority of companies struggle to meet their diversity and inclusion goals. Better understanding the importance of data is crucial to building a successful DE&I strategy. Specifically, you need to know what data, how to collect it, and how to use it.

Join Barbara Massa, Executive Vice President and Chief of Business Operations @FireEye and Hari Kolam, CEO and Co-founder @Findem as we discuss how you can improve your DE&I strategy for today’s remote workforce using the data you already have – and data you didn’t know you could get.

You’ll learn:

  • What the words ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ mean and why they matter
  • What DE&I data you should be collecting and tracking today
  • How to use insights from that data to build and retain more diverse teams