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We provide you with the integrated insights you need to source diverse, high-potential players in your field.
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Talent pool insights before Findem

Your talent pool is a mystery. You don’t have the data you need to make informed sourcing decisions

Poor visibility

You lack visibility into your talent pool’s attributes, location and openness to work.

Can’t plan

You can’t plan effectively for tomorrow’s
staffing needs.

Broken strategy

You don’t know where to invest recruiting resources to meet your hiring goals.

Intake meeting frustration

Your hiring managers are asking for the moon but you don’t have the data to show the reality of the talent pool.

Talent pool insights with Findem

Instantly map the location and attributes of every person
Findem collates profiles from all data

750M+ profiles

Access the largest available talent pool drawn from multiple data sources.

1M+ attributes

Get a holistic view of every person in your talent pool based on their attributes, not keywords.

Diversity view

Uncover pockets of diverse talent and ensure your search is fair and representative from the start.

360° visibility

See the real-time distribution of talent by location and combinations of selected insights.
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Strategic benefits

Refine your search to find the right talent at the right time
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Uncover hidden talent
See where pools of available, qualified talent exist in the world that you never would have found before. Slice and dice your talent pool by the insights that matter to you most to refine your talent search.


Know where to invest
Identify optimal locations for future recruiting investment based on the availability of talent with specific skills, experiences and qualities you’re looking for.


Make a real impact
Put your diversity goals into action. Building a diverse pipeline starts at the talent search. See the probabilistic diversity of your talent pool at a glance and prioritize diverse candidates.


Plan for the future
Create training paths to help mold your current workforce into the employees you'll need tomorrow based on the attributes of top external talent.

How Findem works

Identify opportunities and gaps at record speed

Connect all people data

Findem comes pre-integrated with all public people data and a comprehensive map of 1M+ attributes for every person. You can enrich this data by integrating your internal systems and tools for a holistic people view.

Build impossible searches

Using Findem’s powerful search capabilities, you can find every potential candidate that matches the exact attributes you're looking for - beyond the traditional keywords, skills and years of experience you can search for in LinkedIn and other platforms into magic attributes like ‘hyper-growth experience’ ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ or someone who ‘builds diverse teams’.

Unlock impossible insights

Once you’ve configured your search and pulled up a set of results, we show you your talent pool in a completely new way. We show you all your matching candidates grouped by any attribute; their location on a map, their gender or ethnic diversity, years of experience, company size, stage and much more. You can prioritize what matters most before kicking off automated, personalized campaigns.
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