Gain the data advantage with talent insights

Uncover the internal and external insights you need to develop the right talent strategies for your organization.
"To level-up our recruitment strategy at Adobe, we decided to partner with a platform that provided instant insights and the dexterity to take quick action on candidate profiles.''
PSRP Kiran
Senior Manager of Recruitment

Build strategy informed with market insights

Uplevel your workforce planning and talent strategy with attribute-based labor market insights, talent location maps, and talent pool analytics.

Close talent strategy gaps with benchmark data

Benchmark against competitors for any attribute at any point in time to see how you stack up, and how to better compete for the best talent.

Discover internal talent trends to future-proof your organization

See where talent is coming from and where they are going to inform your recruiting and career progression strategies.

Optimize your talent funnel with a simple question

Improve conversion rates and efficiency with actionable insights based on how talent from all your sources convert at each step of the funnel. Ask Findem's AI Assistant to summarize or dig deeper into a specific report.

Move the needle on DEI with data

See the probabilistic diversity make-up of your talent pools and breakdowns at every stage of the talent funnel to develop the right goals and programs in collaboration with hiring managers

Build searches with the insight of a candidate’s impact on company performance

See candidate experience and company performance integrated together to uncover attributes like: “Joined during a company’s Series C, One of first 50 employees, or Growing Companies by Revenue [+15%].

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