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Prioritize diverse candidates for outreach

At the click of a button you can prioritize diverse candidates for outreach and monitor diversity at every stage of your talent funnel, seeing which channels are most fair and effective.
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Talent Diversity before Findem

Despite best intentions, your company isn’t truly representative. Many factors combine to adversely impact hiring diverse talent - starting with the talent search

Unmet goals

DEIB is a top priority for your company, but you’re not meeting your representation goals and employee morale is being affected.

Unfair searches

Your searches are limited to keywords and you don't have sufficient visibility at the start of each search to ensure a fair and diverse talent pool.

Unclear strategy

You lack the right data to define or execute on your DEIB strategy effectively.

Talent Diversity with Findem

Empower your team with data-driven insights and start building tomorrow's company, today
Findem collates profiles from all data

10x talent pool

Access 100% of the available talent pool vs the usual 8%. Identify what in your searches is limiting diversity and take fast, corrective action.

360° visibility

See your talent pool broken down by diversity and location attributes at-a-glance to unlock pockets of diverse talent and know where to invest.

Compliance confidence

Why train recruiters on nuanced searching and open your company up to liability? Let our compliant algorithm and AI-based platform do the work for you so your recruiters can focus on engaging and hiring.

10x pipeline diversity

What if your outreach could automatically include veterans, people with disabilities, women, underrepresented groups and more? Reduce bias in recruiting and let Findem automate your top of funnel.
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Strategic benefits

Turn diversity insights into action
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Know how to get there.
Effective DEIB strategy starts with understanding where you are today. See how your org stacks up against competitors and peers, what bias and unfairness exists - and how to correct course.


Understand your talent pool
In order to change the diversity makeup of your talent pool you need to be able to see it clearly. Determine the probabilistic diversity of your pool by gender, ethnicity, and other attributes. Show hiring managers the impact of their ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves’.


Drive real change
Use analytic insights to modify your talent search and prioritize diverse candidates. Track candidate diversity at every stage of your talent pipeline to see what’s working and what isn’t to start changing the makeup of your org. 


Build a culture that makes you proud
Your approach to DEIB begins with the first candidate interaction. Personalize automated outreach and follow-ups to help each candidate see themselves as a full participant in your company.


Streamline your workflow
Prioritizing a diverse and inclusive workforce boosts employee satisfaction, retention and your company’s bottom line. See the ROI from a data-driven approach now and in the future.

How Findem Works

Unlock deep analytics to build a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce

Compare what your competitors can’t

By unifying public and internal people data, Findem creates a holistic picture of each person in the world comprised of their key attributes. This includes diversity attributes such as gender, ethnicity and veteran status - and each one can be benchmarked across any company or team. You can also see the makeup of any company at any point in time based on its employee attributes. These data-backed insights help you to set realistic DEIB goals for your org.

Build and analyze your talent pool

Our unique AI automatically builds a talent pool filled with people who exactly match what you’re looking for. Deep analytics enable you to review your talent pool by its diversity makeup. You can modify your search to remove ‘must-have’ attributes that might be limiting the diversity of your talent pool.
Findem collates profiles from all data

Turn diversity insights into action

By defining your company’s ‘wishlist’ attributes centrally and automating the sourcing process, you reduce the unconscious bias that otherwise comes into every stage of manual sourcing. At the click of a button you can prioritize diverse candidates for outreach and engage your target candidates with automated, personalized campaigns. From there, Findem helps you monitor diversity at every stage of your talent funnel, showing you which channels generate the most diverse pipeline and conversions.
Start achieving your diversity goals
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