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The fastest way to build continuous talent pipelines

Leave the sourcing to Findem. We’re so sure we can deliver the candidates your team is looking for that we guarantee the results.

Guaranteed weekly intros

Zero change management

Scale up or down as needed

Free consultation

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Free consultation

Sign up here to meet with a Findem expert!

“Findem is a totally turn-key sourcing solution for us.’’
Natalie Lynch
Head of Talent Acquisition at Path

Accelerate Sourcing with Findem

Our sourcing experts bring market experience powered by the Findem platform to match your wish list to real people. We guarantee qualified, interested candidates each week for every role from the largest, most diverse talent pool.

3x your candidate pipeline

Findem works 24/7, analyzing 100,000 data sources to find perfectly matched talent, who our experts screen for fit. Count on 100 outreaches and 2 intros per role per week with unlimited hires per role.
I spoke to 3 candidates within 48 hours of launching a campaign using Findem.
Michael Chong
Manager, Talent Acquisition, RingCentral

5x candidate diversity and cut out the competition

We search in more ways across more data sources than anyone else, so we uncover talent that other sourcing methods miss. You’ll draw from a larger, more diverse talent pool with less competition for the best candidates.
We get far better (and far more) results with Findem than we did with anything else.
Jean Baptiste
Director of Staffing, Plume

9x recruiter productivity

Save 2+ days a week without sourcing, screening, and crunching numbers. You get the power of AI-based recruiting with real people who meet weekly with hiring managers to deliver exactly what you need.
I feel like I have a secret weapon in my back pocket.
Eryn M
Head of Talent, REview on G2

75% reduction in cost

  • Scale up or down with flexible engagement options
  • Perfect for open headcount or when sourcers have too many reqs
  • The more roles you run, the deeper your discount
Recruiting fees consumed a large portion of our budget… now I use that money to enhance our compensation packages and employee experience programs.
Saul Macias
VP for HR, Marin Community Foundation

What you get with Sourcing Accelerator

Say hello to qualified, interested candidates in your inbox.

A dedicated team of experts and weekly progress reports

Automated sourcing with customizable outreach

Guaranteed pipeline

Sounds too good to be true?
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