Speed time-to-hire and engage your shortlist at scale

Findem automates the workflow from search to shortlist to outreach. Boost response rates from qualified, diverse talent so recruiters can spend more time with candidates.
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Do your outreach efforts get results?

No personalized automation to nurture candidates
Inability to rise above inbox noise
Little visibility into what’s working

Reach out in minutes to hundreds of top candidates

Automate outreach to top talent

With Findem, it’s easy to engage your ideal candidates with automated, personalized campaigns for the highest possible conversion rate. Reduce setup time from days to minutes with templated outreach campaigns. You can customize messaging, send from multiple addresses, and set preferred timing for outreach.
Sourcing talent with Findem

Prioritize personalization and diversity

Reduce bias in recruiting and let Findem automate your top of funnel. Automatically prioritize underrepresented groups in your talent pipeline and customize your outreach. Your approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging begins with the first candidate interaction. Personalize follow-ups to help each candidate see themselves as a full participant in your company.
How to prioritize diversity

Create a proactive pipeline of talent

Keep top candidates warm. Use Findem to build a relationship with ideal candidates until the timing is right to make a move. Candidates who have applied before are more likely to be interested now than other passive candidates. Let them know they didn’t go unnoticed, with automated personalized campaigns.
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Multi-touch, personalized nurture campaigns

The best candidates respond after 3 touches. Use our templated campaigns to kick off multi-touch outreach.

Contact details for every candidate

Automate outreach to your shortlist without switching systems. Updated personal contact information makes it easy to reach out with confidence.

Scale outreach to hundreds in minutes

Set up a search and kick off a campaign in minutes to reach out to hundreds of candidates and build a continuous talent pipeline.

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