Proactively nurture talent communities

Get ahead of hiring needs, reduce costs, and improve hiring time by building relationships with potential candidates.
“Findem has really nailed it. Lots of CRMs let you nurture talent. But I don’t know of another tool where you can run a talent campaign and know the members of the campaign well enough to target them with 1:1 messaging.”
Alvin Lam
Senior Vice President of Talent

Stay top of mind with potential candidates at scale

Engage future talent with personalized short- or long-term nurture sequences based on the relevant and constantly refreshed attributes of those individuals and communities. Customize tone and style with one click.

Build qualified candidate pipelines proactively

Increase conversion and accelerate hiring while reducing sourcing costs with a bench of qualified candidates ready for any role.

Connect with interested, engaged candidates whenever you need

Tap into candidates that are already engaged and warm to the idea of a new opportunity at your company for faster hiring.

Create highly-personalized candidate experiences

Engage different talent communities with different messages for the best possible candidate experience that increases brand loyalty.

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