talent benchmarking

Compare to your competitors' talent pool

We help you gain a competitive advantage by delivering benchmarks for every company, talent inflow and outflow analytics, and much more.
talent benchmarking

Labor market intelligence before Findem

You lack insight into how your company really stacks up against the competition and how you should be evolving your org

Can’t identify gaps

You can’t accurately zero in on your talent gaps and opportunities.

Gathering intel is hard

Piecing together competitive talent intel requires hours of manual research across multiple sources.

Missing the right data

You don’t have the data you need to ensure you’re building the right team.

Labor market intelligence with Findem

Compare what your competitors can’t in one, consolidated solution
Findem collates profiles from all data

100K+ data sources

Unlock the power of real-time, global talent data across all public sources. Choose to connect your internal data to enrich your talent insights.

4M+ companies

See how your competitors and peers structure their orgs, the attributes they hire for, and how your org compares.

1M+ benchmarks

Access benchmark data for any attribute against any company or internal team, including trend lines over time for 360° talent visibility.

1 solution

Replace multiple tools, data sources and manual hacks with one, central platform.
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Strategic benefits

Find your talent advantage, with Findem
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Rely on top-quality data
Access the most comprehensive, real-time global talent data in the industry gathered from both public (pre-bundled) and internal (optional integration) sources to inform your talent strategy.


Define the evolution of your org
Make your workforce planning more future-focused by understanding patterns and trends such as where your superstars are being hired from and where they go when they leave.


Make strategic hiring decisions
Identify your talent gaps and future skill requirements. See which attributes other companies hired for at different stages of their evolution and unlock unique industry insights.


Stay one step ahead
Reveal the statistical secrets of your competitors and peers. Benchmark any attribute across companies or teams and get an inside view into how other companies structure their orgs.

How Findem Works

Stop being reactive. Make faster, smarter hiring decisions

Connect all people data

Findem comes pre-integrated with all public people data and a comprehensive map of attributes for every person and company. You can enrich this data by integrating your internal systems and tools for a holistic people view.

Benchmark talent and identify talent gaps

We enable you to benchmark any attribute internally or externally at a team or company level. You can also see how the trends have changed over time. Use these insights to determine how your company stacks up and identify your talent gaps proactively.
Findem collates profiles from all data

Get a 360° view into every org

We’ve made it easy for you to identify talent trends across industries and individual companies alike. Our company time machine shows you the organizational makeup of every company over 100 people at any point in time. You can drill down into the people they hired at different times and their attributes so you can make data-driven, informed talent decisions.
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