Diversity Recruiting

Move the needle on DEI with diversity recruiting

Set the right goals with diversity benchmarks, build more diverse talent pipelines without bias, and measure impact at every step with Findem.
''Diversity in hiring is a top priority at Medallia, and when we first started using Findem, they helped us crack the code in our diversity sourcing efforts. With data and deep analytics, we achieved a 3-fold increase in candidates from underrepresented groups in our pipeline in less than
two weeks.''
Tey Scott
Senior Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition

Set the right goals with diversity data

Develop optimal diversity recruiting strategies with talent pool insights, location maps, and diversity metrics from any company.

Inform hiring managers with data

Build trust with your stakeholders from the start by providing diversity data that aligns everyone on the right goals and expectations.

Build diverse talent pools compliantly and without bias

Findem automatically and compliantly prioritizes qualified underrepresented candidates based on your diversity definition.

Track diversity data at every step

Measure your impact on diversity at every stage of your talent funnel to address issues and promote fair and inclusive behavior.

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