Mine your ATS to rediscover interested candidates

Findem constantly refreshes and enriches your ATS profiles with current information, and automatically matches top candidates with every Findem-powered search.

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Does not-quite-ready talent disappear?

Great candidates disappearing
Profiles and resumes going stale
Inbound applicants swamping your ATS

Stop great applicants from slipping away

65% more candidates reviewed

Findem automatically updates, de-duplicates, and enriches every profile in your applicant tracking system (ATS). We integrate with all public people data along with your ATS to surface candidates’ up-to-date job titles and attributes such as verified code contributions, and career development information. The result? A holistic, enriched profile for every person.
Attribute-based sourcing explained

Reduce hiring costs by 90%

Slash your cost-per-hire and prevent thousands of resumes from going stale by sourcing from candidates already in your ATS. Find the most qualified matches for your open roles in seconds from thousands of inbound applicants and outbound sources. Spend less time finding new candidates and make fast, quality hires out of your silver medalists.
Sourcing talent with Findem

Unlock insights across all channels

We integrate seamlessly with your ATS to deliver deep pipeline analytics for Findem-sourced candidates and all other channels. You can answer your most essential questions around candidate flow, conversion rates, stage-by-stage targets, and the business impacts of unfilled positions. Attribution analytics will help you spend your time and money on the channels that matter.
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Seamless ATS integration

Candidates sourced through Findem are displayed immediately in your ATS, with full deduplication included.

Automatically refreshed, enriched profiles

Candidate profiles are updated with latest attributes and career developments for accurate alignment with current open roles.

ATS analytics

Get visibility into your entire talent funnel across all sources of candidates in your ATS.

Get more value out of your ATS

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