Candidate Redisovery

Mining your ATS for talent

We constantly refresh your ATS profiles and automatically match top candidates with your open roles in every search you run.
candidate redicsovery in Findem

Candidate rediscovery before Findem

Your ATS is a black hole of great profiles you never see again

Buried in ATS

Great candidates get lost in your ATS that could be a fit for open roles.

Out of date

Resumes in your ATS are hard to search and don't include the latest information.

Manual and slow

Finding and engaging top candidates takes too long and involves too many steps.

Candidate rediscovery with Findem

Instantly connect with already interested candidates

10x faster

Avoid keyword searches against stale resumes and hours of manual research to find ideally-suited candidates.

0% wasted time

Integrate Findem seamlessly with your ATS and de-duplicate redundant information.

65% more candidates

Automatically update resumes with the latest information that would otherwise be ignored. Scan existing as well as new applications for matches with open roles.
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Strategic benefits

Stop great applicants from slipping through the cracks
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Find the perfect fit

65% of resumes received for high-volume roles are completely ignored. With Findem, you won’t miss a single one. ATS matches are surfaced for every open role, and inbuilt funnel analytics drive your recruiting strategy.


Access profiles updated in real-time
Prevent thousands of resumes going stale and getting neglected in your ATS. Update them automatically with candidates’ latest attributes and career developments for accurate alignment with current open roles.


Slash your cost per hire
Take advantage of the fact that you already have candidates in your system. It takes seconds to find a match and you can reduce your hiring costs by up to 90%.


Keep great candidates warm
Candidates who have applied before are more likely to be interested now than other passive candidates. Let them know they didn’t go unnoticed, with automated personalized campaigns.


Streamline your workflows
View all Findem candidates instantly in your ATS, scan existing resumes in your ATS and let Findem review inbound applications so you don’t have to.

How Findem works

Make faster, smarter hiring decisions

Integrate Findem seamlessly with your ATS

Findem integrates out of the box with all major ATS providers including Greenhouse, Lever, SmartRecruiters, and BambooHR and we can build custom integrations as well. Candidates sourced through Findem are displayed immediately in your ATS, with full deduplication included.

Refresh all resumes with the latest information

Our unique AI updates all the existing resumes in your ATS with candidates’ up to date job titles, attributes and career development information. We integrate with all public people data - as well as your internal systems and tools should you choose to connect them - to build a holistic, enriched profile for every person.

Uncover and engage with ideal candidates

Instead of a keyword or Boolean search, use Findem’s machine learning algorithm to automatically screen every resume in your ATS or CRM - as well as inbound applications - to find the most qualified matches for your open roles. You don’t have to spend any more time manually scanning resumes to prevent qualified candidates from slipping through the net. Next, it’s easy to engage your ideal candidates with automated, personalized campaigns for the highest possible conversion rate.
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