Talent Analytics

Make smarter talent decisions with unmatched talent analytics

Get visibility into campaigns, pipeline, diversity, and performance in one place so you can uplevel your talent strategy.
ATS analytics in Findem Talent Analytics

Optimize your strategy across the entire talent lifecycle

Talent funnel analytics Findem

Improve team performance and productivity

Build reports around KPIs like hiring goals, applications, and offer acceptance rates in a single dashboard.

Streamline hiring conversion with real-time performance data

Identify potential bottlenecks, drop-off points, and opportunities for conversion optimization with metrics at every stage of the recruiting funnel.
Talent Funnel dashboard Findem
Diversity analytics Findem Talent Analytics

Consistently meet diversity recruiting goals

Better understand the diversity make-up of your talent pipeline with metrics that track attributes like gender, ethnicity, and veteran status across all your channels and at every funnel stage.

Know more about your talent pools than ever before

Segment talent pools by the attributes your business needs and empower recruiters with data like education level, years of experience, or geographic location to align expectations with hiring managers and executives.
Market analytics dashboard Findem

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“With Findem, I can create unique, highly targeted, and data-driven searches that aren’t possible using any other platform or tool. We can also unlock valuable insights into talent diversity and engagement that have increased the overall diversity of our pipeline as candidates move through the funnel.”
PSRP Kiran
Senior Manager, Recruitment

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