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We unify and enrich over 100,000 data sources to provide the industry’s most complete picture of every person and company.

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Uncover millions of attributes

We integrate all people data to uncover millions of attributes for every person and drive strategic people decisions.

Attributes can be tangible, such as whether someone is an ‘open source contributor’ or ‘past founder’, ‘has a PhD’ or ‘builds diverse teams’. They can also be intangible, such as whether someone has ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ or ‘embodies company values’. Our platform constantly learns attributes through aggregating and integrating new data sources. We enable access to these attributes to deliver rich talent acquisition solutions to our customers.

Superpower your searches

Built by seasoned infrastructure engineers for internet-scale data processing in real time, our platform is a superpowered people search engine, providing you with all the world’s people data at your fingertips. It enables complex attribute discovery, so you can find people based on what you’re really looking for, rather than being limited to traditional boolean searches and keywords found on resumes and profiles. 

Integrate your data

We collaborate with third-party sources to enrich our automated data aggregation with a diverse range of additional information.

This provides unparalleled, centralized access to formerly siloed information such as company financial status, stage, product category and so on. Based on this data, we deliver to our customers a collection of 1M+ attributes for each person and company unavailable anywhere else. We can also integrate with companies’ internal tools to discover new attributes and reveal highly enriched, actionable insights.

Trust in our human-centered approach

Our research and development team takes a human-centered approach to ML, verifying algorithm performance with semi-supervised machine learning to further enrich all people data.

By building and training models for content classification, we unearth intangible information about people and companies and deliver a comprehensive view of the talent market.

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