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Findem Unveils Free Access to Its “Impossible Search” for Unmatched Candidate Sourcing and Recruiting

Recruiters, sourcers and talent leaders can now truly search for candidates like never before with Findem’s Impossible Search, a component of its People Intelligence platform that it has made available for free on its website beginning today at

Findem’s Impossible Search speeds up the time it takes to find perfect candidates by making it possible to search for people based on their attributes, rather than using outmoded and limiting keywords and Boolean strings. Attributes can include anything from skills to experiences to intangible qualities. It further enables talent teams to make the shift from searching on fragmented candidate profiles to now conducting attribute-based searches on unified, data-driven candidate profiles.

From the Impossible Search feature on the Findem homepage, talent leaders can conduct more than 100 attribute-based searches across software engineering, sales, product, data science and leadership roles, and create actual lists of matching candidates. They can also apply advanced analytics to their lists to view details on everything from location of underrepresented candidates to employees with long tenures to areas of study. These sample searches provide a glimpse into what’s possible with Findem’s platform.

“It’s one thing to explain to talent leaders how Impossible Search works, but when they see and try it for themselves, they get the enormity of what it can help them accomplish, which is why we’ve opened up this free experience on our website,” said Findem CEO Hari Kolam.

Examples of searches currently available through the site include:

Findem’s People Intelligence platform offers unlimited candidate searches using any variations of attributes, which can either be selected from pre-established lists or user defined, and then unlimited outreaches to those candidates, so recruiters can email as many candidates as they need.

“There really are no limits to our approach – you can come up with any combination of attributes your mind can think of, and Impossible Search will instantaneously deliver a list of those candidates,” said Kolam. “It’s a game changer for people search and talent acquisition, and is especially valuable at a time when recruiters are tasked with more passive hiring.”

Impossible Search is just one component of Findem’s People Intelligence platform, a comprehensive solution that uses recruitment AI to help companies close their talent gaps faster and build more engaged, diverse teams. The platform also includes tools to automate candidate outreach, conduct personalized candidate engagement, analyze talent pools, gain labor market intelligence, and measure pipeline analytics and talent diversity.

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Findem is transforming how companies make their people decisions. Backed by AI and all the world’s people data, our People Intelligence platform empowers HR and talent leaders with the data-driven insights they need to architect and develop a best-of-class workforce. With Findem’s platform, companies can uncover the talent attributes that matter most to their business goals, benchmark their talent internally and externally, identify skills and diversity gaps, and fill those gaps through automatic introductions to exceptional and interested candidates—all without bias. Visit us at

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