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Findem Launches Sourcing Accelerator—Fastest Way for Talent Teams To Build a Guaranteed Candidate Pipeline

New talent acquisition solution combines the expertise of Findem’s sourcing team with the power of its People Intelligence platform

SAN FRANCISCO, July 21, 2022 — Findem, a company applying AI to fuel the next phase of talent acquisition, is making it easier for recruitment teams to find and engage with passive candidates with the launch of Sourcing Accelerator, a new solution that guarantees weekly introductions to qualified, interested candidates for every role. With Sourcing Accelerator, Findem manages the sourcing and enables talent teams to build solid pipelines of candidates from the largest, most diverse talent pool. 

Findem's Sourcing Accelerator is a combination of its AI-driven People Intelligence platform and its team of experts. A dedicated sourcing expert works directly with hiring managers and recruiters to build and refine talent searches, launch customized email campaigns, engage with candidates and conduct phone screens–and then delivers candidates directly to the team. Every role is powered by Findem’s platform, and includes a license at no extra cost for sourcers and recruiters to use on their own reqs.

“This is really a no-brainer for companies large and small because Sourcing Accelerator delivers outcomes without risk or the need to rip-and-replace what they’re currently using,” said Findem CEO Hari Kolam. “It’s just plain challenging to find high-quality, passive candidates, especially with sourcing teams as overburdened as they are. We’re lessening their load and delivering an average of 3x pipeline volume at 3x the speed, 5x candidate diversity and 9x recruiter productivity, which are impressive results by any measure.”

In a recently published Recruiting Trends report, 52% of talent leaders said sourcing is generating the most qualified candidates, and 49% plan to increase their passive outreach this year. Sourcing Accelerator is a solution for larger enterprises that are struggling to build solid pipelines, quickly prove value and avoid the pains of change management. It’s also optimal for fast-growth startups without a sourcing team, particularly those looking to make niche hires. 

“We’re in a time where flexibility and scalability in hiring are key, and Sourcing Accelerator enables talent teams to hire quickly and efficiently when the need arises,” said Kolam. “It’s the helping hand that every sourcer needs.”

Sourcing Accelerator includes a dedicated team of expert Findem sourcers, a free Findem platform license, guaranteed pipeline, automated sourcing, customized outreach and weekly progress reports. Findem customers are able to easily scale up or down with complete flexibility and month-to-month or annual subscription engagement options.

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