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Findem Announces Talent Data Cloud – Consolidates Talent Acquisition and Management into Powerful AI Platform Backed by 3D Data

With AI, consolidated tools, and automated workflows, Findem’s Talent Data Cloud is enabling talent teams of the future.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 4, 2023Findem is giving talent teams the competitive edge with the launch of its Talent Data Cloud, the only AI talent acquisition and management solution that consolidates the entire talent lifecycle and is powered by unique 3D data. Findem’s Talent Data Cloud elevates talent teams by equipping them with the transformational talent intelligence, consolidated workflows and AI-based automation they need to operate with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. 

Consolidation Across the Talent Ecosystem 

Many teams today are plagued by an overabundance of tools, poor tech stack integration and scattered candidate information, resulting in bloated spend, low adoption of tools and siloed decision-making across talent functions. Findem’s Talent Data Cloud overcomes these costly limitations by integrating applications across the entire talent lifecycle and across all internal and external hiring sources to streamline talent data and decision-making. 

With Findem’s Talent Data Cloud, talent teams can build a rich talent ecosystem with consolidated applications for multi-channel sourcing, candidate rediscovery, CRM, market intelligence and talent analytics. They can also access centralized analytics and insights across diversity, recruiting performance and the labor market.

“The future of talent acquisition is less about sourcing tools like LinkedIn and more about consolidated, multi-channel platforms like Findem,” said David Malloy, vice president of global talent acquisition for Nutanix. “With Findem, we’re able to remove high-effort, low-value tasks and instead focus a recruiter’s time on things like ensuring a great cultural fit, positioning candidates more effectively with hiring managers and ensuring a clear understanding around outcomes of the role. Consolidating tools across the talent ecosystem creates a profound impact on spend, analytics and reporting, as well as a better experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.”

Transforming Talent Discovery Using 3D Data to Enrich Profiles

At the foundation of Findem's Talent Data Cloud is a highly differentiated data layer that feeds its system of intelligence and consolidated applications. This data layer is formed from more than 1 trillion person and company data-points that are time ordered to portray people in three searchable dimensions: people and company data over time. For instance, a recruiter could search for a candidate who’s been part of a successful company exit or who drove a company from a negative operating margin to a positive one. 

“Our data is a core differentiator and the heart of the Talent Data Cloud. We’re generating entirely new talent data that provides more context on people, teams and companies than can be found anywhere else,” said Findem CEO Hari Kolam. “Without a robust people dataset behind it, GenAI is prone to hallucinations, which is enormously risky and potentially harmful, particularly at the enterprise level. Because our platform and automation is grounded in unique 3D data that provides a high-quality knowledge base about talent, we’re mitigating the possibility of false responses and paving a path for GenAI’s adoption within the enterprise.” 

Infusing Automation into Every Step and Augmenting with AI and GenAI

With talent teams short staffed and 73% of talent leaders experiencing burnout, automation is crucial to set them up to scale and address inefficiencies. Findem’s Talent Data Cloud brings AI-based automation to candidate matching, outreach and other recruiting workflows, freeing up talent professionals to focus on more strategic work and future innovation.   

Automated functionality currently includes:

  • Multi-step candidate engagement and nurture campaigns 
  • Inbound application review by matching and prioritizing candidates based on search parameters
  • Continuously enriching and updating candidate profile data 
  • Discovering overlapping connections within the organization against passive candidates to drive proactive referral introductions
  • Surfacing alumni in search results 
  • Surfacing past candidates from an ATS with updated, enriched profiles
  • Parsing a job description or LinkedIn profile to build an attribute-based search 

Findem’s Talent Data Cloud also has one of the deepest integrations of GenAI to date. With an AI assistant embedded throughout workflows, talent professionals can ask questions and get help with candidate searches, personalized campaigns, reporting and market intelligence. They can also ask any question about a specific candidate, such as how much the company grew during their tenure there or how to pitch the candidate to a hiring manager.

Findem’s vision for the future of the Talent Data Cloud centers on hyper-automation where everything that can be automated will be automated. AI-first autonomous apps will support organizational optimization and elevate the human role at a scale that would be otherwise impossible. 

Those interested can learn more about Findem’s Talent Data Cloud and view a demo at booth #1417 at next week’s HR Technology Conference.  

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