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How to hire at scale

Liv Anderman
VP of Marketing
June 20, 2021

For fast-growing companies, hiring at scale is a necessity to get to the next level. However, it’s important to continue to optimize for quality and not to forget the core elements of your employer brand, even with hundreds of roles to fill.

Taking the time to create a seamless hiring process is essential. By correctly leveraging technology and automation, you can develop a high-volume pipeline of highly qualified candidates while still providing the important human element that’s essential for bringing the best people on board.

Systematize your hiring process

When companies need to hire at scale, the workload for recruiting teams increases significantly. This can lead to hiring inefficiencies, convoluted data, and challenges with keeping everything organized. The earlier you systematize the hiring process from start to finish, the better.

Everything from creating job posts to onboarding should have clear, defined guidelines and systems developed to eliminate guesswork and simplify the process.

Spend the time upfront to have internal meetings with leadership and hiring managers across the company to figure out exactly what the company needs and how you’re going to bring the right people in. Which technical skills are required for each role? Which attributes should be optimized for? Does location matter? How many people do you need to bring on?

The more clear you are on what you’re looking for and what the candidate journey looks like, the easier it is to recruit and onboard an influx of new employees.

Leverage technology wherever possible

You’ll want all the help you can get with high-volume recruiting. The best recruiting software allows you to automate a significant amount of the work without sacrificing the quality of your overall hiring process.

For example, an AI-driven, attribute-based sourcing can help you find candidates with the specific background and traits you’re looking for without having to sift through thousands of resumes.

But the benefits of well-chosen technology extend far beyond sourcing – especially when you’re hiring at scale.

Here are a few more benefits to consider:

  • You can keep all of your candidate information organized in one place
  • Significantly decrease time spent screening and assessing applicants
  • Reach out to more candidates each day, with automated campaigns
  • Significantly decrease time spent on application management
  • Onboard new hires much faster

When you compound the time saved across hundreds or thousands of new hires, the amount of reduced overhead makes a huge difference. If you can speed up your candidate management process by ten minutes that translates to over 30 hours saved for every 200 candidates.

Promote your employer brand

One of the best steps companies can take to increase exposure and attract more high-quality candidates is to create content that promotes their employer brand. The goal is to publish and share content that shines a positive light on your company and gets people excited about the prospect of working there. Keep in mind that this is a step that should be taken before a high-volume recruiting strategy is implemented.

Here are some examples of content to create:

  • Employee success stories and video testimonials
  • Blog posts related to company culture, work environment, and camaraderie
  • Press releases and articles featuring your company
  • Information about your employee benefits structure

Once your company has a pipeline of high-quality content, you’ll need to promote it to gain exposure. Leverage popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to put your company more in the public eye. This content can also be leveraged for personalized outreach campaigns to prospective candidates.

For more ideas about how to build a strong employer brand, read this blog post.

Plan ahead and stay diligent

Hiring is complicated as is and hiring at scale only adds to the challenges that talent acquisition teams face. But by planning ahead and staying organized, you can bring on the high-quality people you need to take your company to the next level while protecting your company culture and values.

To learn more about how Findem can help your talent team hire top candidates at scale, request a demo today.