Unlock the power of your referral network

We reveal who knows who at a glance and automate the referral workflow for faster conversions.
employee referral networks

Connections and Referrals before Findem

A valuable network that's not leveraged to its full potential

Sourcing isn't enough

To meet your hiring goals, sourcing and inbound applications can’t stand alone - you need referrals.

Underused network

Your company has a powerful network that isn’t being tapped. You can’t easily identify meaningful overlaps between people.

Referrals are hard

The referral workflow isn’t streamlined - it’s manual, slow and difficult to track.

Connections and Referrals with Findem

Close top candidates faster

750M+ profiles

Put your network on steroids. Open up the whole world of candidates - inside and outside your org.

360° visibility

See multi-channel connections between people; companies, patents, publications, schools, and more.

100x faster

Zero in on the best people to provide referrals and reviews in seconds and easily kick off the process.
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Strategic benefits

Turn your network into a people search powerhouse
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Streamline referrals and reviews
Gather unique insight across your employees’ networks and easily engage them with automated referral and review workflows.


Work smarter and faster
Skip the manual grind of trying to figure out who knows who. Automatically find emails, automate follow-ups, and leverage network intelligence to give you time back in your day.


Close with confidence
Use the knowledge of your existing employees to inform better hiring decisions. Get the attention of top candidates in your talent pool with warm intros and personalized, connected outreach.


Deliver executive hires
See who your executives are connected to and which of those people match your hiring needs. Reduce the onus on the interview loop and increase confidence in your team to close the hardest roles.

How Findem Works

Maximize your talent pool with no additional work

Start with automated sourcing

Our unique AI uncovers candidates’ hidden attributes and automatically builds a talent pool of all the candidates who exactly match what you’re looking for. We pull personal email addresses and build enriched profiles for every candidate, drawing from all publicly available people data.

Unlock network intelligence

For any role, you can view your talent pool (inbound and sourced candidates) by your own and your employees’ connections, with the strongest connections displayed first. Easily see who they worked and collaborated with, who they overlapped with at school and who they mix with in networking groups so you can find the best source of a review or referral.

Automate employee referrals

We’ve made it super simple for your employees to offer valuable insights on talent they’re connected to with our automated email referral workflow. Findem turns sourcing into a human experience and maximises the number of candidates you can engage for every role.
Make sourcing a human experience
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