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Findem Launches from Stealth with People Intelligence Platform, Raises $7.3 Million in Series A Funding

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 14, 2020

Findem is emerging from stealth mode with the launch of its People Intelligence platform, a data-driven approach that transforms the way companies define, retain and get introductions to top talent, giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Findem also closed a $7.3 million Series A funding round to help propel its growth. Wing Venture Capital led the round, and founding partner Gaurav Garg has joined Findem's board.

People decisions are the most important decisions a company can make, and those made based on judgements, personal relationships and other potentially biased factors can be costly. Findem is reinventing the talent acquisition and management process by equipping HR and other business leaders with the enriched insights they need to make strategic, data-driven people decisions.  

"When companies start bringing people-centric data to bear on recruitment, skills gaps, diversity, talent development, performance, retention and organizational structure, they thrive and their employees thrive," said Findem CEO Hari Kolam. "The timing could not be better for Findem to drive the future of people intelligence, especially with the tailwinds of AI and BI at our backs. Our sights are set on helping companies turn their talent into a true business strategy and competitive advantage."

According to the  Global Talent Trends 2020 Report, 85% of talent professionals believe people analytics will shape the way companies attract and retain talent, yet 55% report still needing help putting basic people analytics into practice.

People Intelligence, Powered by AI, Machine Learning

Findem's People Intelligence platform goes beyond traditional keyword searches by using augmented analytics to mine people data—from both publicly available sources and internal HR systems and tools—to uncover the real-world, intangible attributes that are essential to business success. It's composed of two key components—Atlas and Compass.

Atlas is a people analytics and insights engine that:

  • Enables companies to define and search for people based on more than one million tangible (titles, experience, etc.) and intangible (loyal employee, patent holder, etc.) attributes
  • Analyzes trends and identifies workforce gaps in talent, skills and diversity
  • Provides an unbiased view into internal talent to guide decisions in areas such as promotions and reskilling
  • Benchmarks a company's talent against competitors to show where each excels, and reveals the compositions of their teams, job titles, how long it takes them to fill a role and the attributes they hire for

Compass is an automated talent-matching solution that:

  • Allows recruiters to find exact matches for their job specifications based on a collection of desired attributes, and without being limited to keywords
  • Builds a pipeline of external candidates from all public data, internal employees and past/current applicants from an ATS—and houses them all in one place
  • Offers instant access to a matching candidate list, plus a full market map
  • Automatically generates a pipeline for outreach, runs personalized campaigns via email and text, and facilitates warm introductions between interested candidates and recruiters

"People are the heartbeat of our business. We're constantly looking for more strategic, data-driven ways to build happier, more diverse teams and maintain our talent edge, which is why we're so compelled by the people intelligence that Findem brings to the table," said Ron Storn, chief people officer of KeepTruckin, a leading fleet management and freight marketplace company. "The ability to look at our internal people data under a new lens, to drill down into the precise attributes we want in our talent, and to build a broader, informed strategy around it—now that's a powerful proposition."

Findem was co-founded by CEO Kolam and CTO Raghu Batta Venkat. Kolam and Venkat previously co-founded Instart, a multinational digital experience company and, between them, hold more than 60 technology patents. While in stealth mode, Findem established a strong market foothold by forging dozens of industry partnerships and successfully launching several client pilot programs.  

About Findem

Findem is transforming how companies make their people decisions. Backed by AI and all the world's people data, our People Intelligence platform empowers HR and talent leaders with the data-driven insights they need to architect and develop a best-of-class workforce. With Findem's platform, companies can uncover the talent attributes that matter most to their business goals, benchmark their talent internally and externally, identify skills and diversity gaps, and fill those gaps through automatic introductions to exceptional and interested candidates—all without bias. Visit us at

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