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Does sourcing take too much time?

Low quality and lack of diversity in your pipeline
Missing top talent from your search results
Too much time on activities without outcomes

Spend more time hiring, less time sourcing

Uncover top quality talent 10x faster

Recruiting today requires agility and flexibility to find and attract the talent that will bring real value to your organization. Findem helps you source the largest, most diverse talent pool of people no one else can find, and generates a continuous pipeline of candidates with the exact skills, experiences, and qualities you’re looking for. We search by attributes, not keywords, and that makes all the difference.
How attribute-search works

5x diversity sourcing without bias

Find the best and the brightest without barriers or bias. Findem automatically generates a well-represented talent pool so you source from a diverse talent pool of perfectly matched candidates. Our customers see 5x diversity in their pipeline, better response rates from diverse candidates, and make hires who add diversity to their workforce.
What is DEIB?

Consolidate and automate sourcing

9x recruiting productivity by shifting from tactical to strategic activities. We show you your talent pool in a completely new way with visibility across all your sourcing channels. Find and engage external candidates, current employees, and profiles in your ATS with vetted connections and referral workflows from a single platform.
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Sourcing with AI

Build a highly-targeted, diverse pipeline using attribute-based search across 100,000+ pre-configured data sources plus your ATS.

Promote from within

See every person based on their attributes, so you can identify what makes them successful in their current role and find a perfect match for open roles.

Push referrals instead of pull

Don’t wait for employees to reach out to their networks. Find top talent, then uncover the people who can make an introduction for you.

Get more value out of your ATS

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