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Search for tangible attributes such as someone who is an ‘open source contributor’ or ‘past founder’, ‘has a PhD’ or ‘builds diverse teams’. Then add intangible assets such as someone who has ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ or ‘embodies company values’. You’ll find people you’ve never seen before and no one else is reaching out to.

Deeper data dives

Findem collaborates with third-party sources to enrich our automated data aggregation, giving you unique insights and search options. Imagine a search that accounts for company financial status, stage, product category, and even org chart during a prospect’s tenure. Layer Findem on to your ATS for smarter insights into past and present applicants.

Search by intent

Turbocharge your talent search, with all the world’s people data at your fingertips. Search by intent instead of keyword to generate a high quality, diverse talent pool. Findem understands the difference between working as a software engineer, and matching “software engineer” in a profile.  

Human-centered approach

Our research and development team takes a human-centered approach to ML, verifying algorithm performance with semi-supervised machine learning to further enrich all people data.

By building and training models for content classification, we unearth intangible information about people and companies and deliver a comprehensive view of the talent market.

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