World, Meet Findem

We’re proud to announce the launch of our AI-driven People Intelligence platform™.

It’s great to be out of stealth mode.

For the past 18 months, we’ve been working on a platform that will transform the way companies make decisions about people.

Of all the choices a company makes, people decisions are the most important. Every day, leaders decide who to promote, who to hire, how to level up employee skill sets, how to build diverse, engaged teams, and so many other things.

The outcomes of these decisions define not only capabilities, but also culture — and, ultimately, whether a company succeeds or fails.

At Findem, we built our People Intelligence platform™ because people decisions are way too important to be left to chance. As of today, we’re ready to show you what we can do.

What is People Intelligence?

People Intelligence is the application of AI and analytics to HR operations. Our system brings together data from public sources and internal platforms, and analyzes them with creative and ever-evolving insights.

By enabling people to be discovered by more than 1 million talent attributes, Findem paints vivid, actionable pictures of current and potential employees. This helps HR and talent leaders make strategic, data-backed decisions.

Talent attributes encompass any tangible or intangible trait that could possibly be used to make a decision — everything from where a person is based, to what they’re good at, to intangibles like entrepreneurial spirit, leadership quality, or a get-it-done attitude. We can draw conclusions about the kinds of teams they’re likely to build, the levels of growth they’ve seen in their careers, and so much more.

Findem gathers attribute data from all public sources. However, using a suite of integrations, you can also add internal data from your own systems.

What problems does People Intelligence actually solve?

We help companies understand what makes top talent successful, identify skill and diversity gaps, and make the best possible use of their teams. When our customers find a gap, we introduce their recruiters to perfectly matched, interested candidates who can fill the opening in the fastest possible time.

How do we solve them?

Two key applications make up Findem’s People Intelligence platform™. We call them Atlas and Compass.

Atlas is our People Intelligence engine. It uses talent attributes to benchmark internally, compare your teams against competitors and peers, and help you identify what’s missing in your organization.

Once Atlas discovers a gap, Compass helps you hire the right people to fill it. Our user-friendly system builds high-quality candidate introductions, helping you attract top talent to fill the gaps on your teams. All you have to do is input your candidate wishlist, and Compass returns the best, most diverse candidates in the fastest possible time.

Over a year and a half in stealth mode, what’s been our inspiration?

Simple: we’ve seen what happens when companies make the wrong people decisions. Whether through unconscious bias, lack of coherent internal data, or both, the consequences can be dire.

Today, too many teams are forced to make people decisions based on fragmented data, gut feelings, and snap judgments. The average HR team uses about 18 different technologies, and they don’t all talk to each other — so they don’t have the holistic insights needed to make the right decisions for their business.

This reinforces subconscious biases, harms diversity, frustrates employees and leaders, and increases staff churn.

We’re excited to offer a better way of doing things.

Trusted by people teams at rapid-growth companies

We’ve already partnered with dozens of established organizations, who are already seeing major dividends from Findem. Companies like:

  •, creators of the world’s most efficient machine learning platform
  • KeepTruckin, a next-generation logistics startup
  • Rippling, an all-in-one HR solution
  • Narvar, the post-purchase customer satisfaction platform
  • Coder, a startup changing software development with standardized environments
  • …and many more

Want to be the next one to tap into the power of People Intelligence? See our press release for more information, or get in touch with Findem today.