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Find the talent no one else can with attribute-based talent sourcing

Findem delivers the only talent sourcing solution that uses attributes to find talent for any role with unmatched precision and efficiency.
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Enriched talent profiles you can’t get from resumes or LinkedIn

Know exactly who’s right for every role in seconds with attributes — new talent data that’s built and constantly refreshed with millions of data points.

Find exact matches with attribute-based search

Our unique talent search makes it possible to find the right talent based on any characteristic, skill, or experience. You can even create searchable attributes based on profiles of ideal candidates or a job description.

Unify search across all sources

Simultaneously search across all your talent sources in one place to leverage your entire ecosystem like never before while saving budget and time.

Move the needle on diversity by eliminating bias

We can automatically and compliantly prioritize qualified candidates in underrepresented groups (URGs) based on your diversity criteria.

Integrate with your ATS for one view of all talent

Reach all your candidates from within Findem. You’ll see which candidates in your ecosystem are a great match and never contact the same person twice.
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“Findem is my go-to for talent intelligence, funnel analysis, and competitor insights. It makes me and my team both more strategic and efficient so we can support growth and innovation across our entire global business.”
Alvin Lam
Senior Vice President of Talent

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increase in top of funnel


more interest from diverse candidates


minutes time to source

Get the talent data edge

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