Marin Community Foundation

“Findem helps me search for and filter candidates by the actual attributes or characteristics that matter to the hiring managers.”

Saul Macias
Vice President for HR, Marin Community Foundation
increase in pipeline diversity
budget reallocated from agency fees
reduction in time-to-hire

Achieve diversity goals easily and quickly

About Marin Community Foundation

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and serving local, national, and international communities, the Marin Community Foundation (MCF) is among the most prestigious non-profit organizations in the United States. MCF oversees $3 billion in philanthropic assets and distributes an average of $150 million annually to charitable organizations that support causes like racial justice, community development, and quality-of-life programs. 

Recruiting challenge

Since MCF is a thriving foundation, it attracts a lot of passionate applicants to its mission who may or may not be qualified for the role. That perennial interest from prospective candidates became a double-edged sword since the MCF recruiting team did not have the bandwidth to efficiently review, filter, and shortlist those individuals.

Recruiting solution

MCF now identifies candidates by using the exact criteria they seek: Spanish fluency, philanthropic advisor, mission driven, volunteer experience, long-tenured employee, development experience, etc. With Findem, Marin Community Foundation has gained a more powerful and configurable method to search for talent, which has ultimately reduced their cost per hire.

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