“Findem enables me to build a search that directly correlates with what’s in my head.”

Rob Boyle
Product Lead, Alchemy
Increased top of funnel diversity
Increased top of funnel volume
Built pipeline of matched candidates

The thrill of finding superstar talent 

About Alchemy 

Alchemy is a Web3 developer platform that empowers companies to build scalable and reliable decentralized applications without the hassle of managing blockchain infrastructure in-house. The company is backed by A-list investors and the team consists of top engineers from prestigious schools, blue chip corporations, and thriving tech startups – all with deep experience in big data and scalable infrastructure. 

Recruiting challenge

Traditional hiring sources simply couldn’t deliver an adequate volume of high caliber candidates, yet pressure mounted to keep pace with the company growth. Alchemy wrestled with hiring capable candidates now or holding out for ideal colleagues. Company culture prevailed but hiring slowly put increased pressure on the existing team, and the sourcing process became discouraging. 

Recruiting solution

Now that the company uses Findem, Alchemy has built a strong funnel of high caliber and diverse candidates. With access to more than a million Findem attributes, Alchemy can set their search for precisely the right candidates. Their immediate success with Findem has renewed Alchemy’s enthusiasm about sourcing ideal candidates who complement the rest of the team and add value to the Alchemy family.

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