Findem Atlas

Unlock impossible-to-get people insights to make strategic people decisions

Findem equips you with the people intelligence no one else has so you can track the talent attributes that matter to your business goals 

Benchmark against competitors, retain top talent and identify skill and diversity gaps

How Atlas empowers you to make data-driven decisions with integrated insights


Unify your people data sources

Enrich your existing HR tools with all public people data and a comprehensive map of talent attributes for unified insights and a holistic people view

Define and retain top talent

Understand your people better and determine which attributes make your top employees successful so you can build happier, more productive teams


Benchmark talent and identify gaps

Reveal the statistical secrets of your competitors and peers. See how your company stacks up and identify your talent gaps proactively

Make better people decisions

Infuse your systems with rich insights and analytics. Build an informed talent strategy and make smarter, faster, data-driven people decisions

Track hard-to-measure insights automatically

Attrition risk, loyalty, productivity, innovation, implicit bias and more
attribute discovery
Attribute Discovery

Discover the attributes that matter most to your business


Access all public people data

Create a searchable attribute map for individuals inside or outside your organization, with no manual data entry


Define and identify intangible attributes

Build a more complete, accurate view of the traits and experiences of your existing talent and potential hires 


Automatically determine key data points

Review any attribute such as gender, ethnicity or work experience across your organization at a glance

HR Tool Integrations

Make your existing tools smarter with our integrations


Connect siloed, dispersed information

Integrate all public people data and enhance your internal HR systems with intelligence 


Pinpoint opportunities and bottlenecks

Enrich your existing tools with analytics and insights to expose new attributes and identify at-risk talent


Extend your existing workflows

Use our data layer to boost efficiency through automation and eliminate time-intensive manual processes

hr tool integrations
internal analytics and insights
Internal Analytics & Insights

Find out what makes your superstar talent so super


Uncover the intangible attributes of top employees and teams

Understand what makes them successful and identify similar talent 


Engage your top talent proactively

Use insights that indicate who to invest in, how to invest in them and when to make strategic changes


Counteract implicit bias

Leverage an objective, data-driven view into your organization to improve fairness and employee happiness


Compare performance and attributes

Analyze data across teams to quickly identify talent gaps, increase internal mobility and reach your diversity and inclusion goals

Competitor Analytics & Insights

Stay one step ahead of your competitors


Uncover the people model used by your competitors and peers

View the makeup of their teams, their job titles, recruiting lifecycle and the attributes they hire for to understand what’s driving their success 


Discover how your competition is upskilling their workforce

Identify where you excel and what gaps you need to address


Benchmark your organization

See how your organization stacks up against other companies based on any attribute or collection of attributes 

competitor analytics and insights
get trend analytics alerts
Trend Analytics & Alerts

Lead your industry with the latest insights


Form and refine your people strategy

Get automatic alerts when a competitor makes changes to their talent stack including when they hire or lose talent


Analyze internal and external trends

Visualize data across a timeline to assess the impact of your people decisions and learn from industry peers


Track diversity and inclusion initiatives

See how well you’re progressing towards your goals and measure the impact of your people decisions

Talent Introductions

Transform your insights into action


Seamlessly integrate with Compass

Help your recruiting team translate all of your insights into the start of an intelligent, data-driven people search, resulting in introductions to interested candidates Learn about Compass 


Eliminate painful intake meetings

Equip your recruiters and hiring managers with data about the talent attributes they should be looking for


Elevate your business impact

Help your company to close talent gaps quickly and deliver actionable insights to teams across your org

talent introductions

Unlock people intelligence with Atlas

 Trusted by rapidly growing, strategic people teams

We’re constantly looking for more strategic, data-driven ways to build happier, more diverse teams and maintain our talent edge. The ability to look at our internal people data under a new lens with Findem’s people intelligence, to drill down into the precise attributes we want in our talent, and to build a broader, informed strategy around it—now that’s a powerful proposition.

Ron Storn

Chief People Officer, KeepTruckin

For the first time, Findem connects all people data—across the public web and internal systems. It’s truly transformational! The platform uncovers insights I didn’t think were even possible that enable unbiased, data-driven strategies to be formed around talent planning, engagement, diversity, equality, and inclusion. It’s a must-have for forward-looking talent and people teams.

Barbara Massa

Executive Vice President & Chief of Business Operations, FireEye